You know you’re an F1 Fanatic when…


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    When you watch Pointless and scream at the contestants for not picking F as their final category.



    ….When you open f1f , f1.com ,gptoday, bbc f1 , live timing and at the same time watching the race on the TV with headphones imagining you are Ross Brawn in the pit wall ;-)


    Aaron D

    When you draw f1 cars in class, i used to do it a lot of times.



    …when your classmates continue making fun of you whenever the word “massa” (=mass in Italian) is pronounced. Not that when I hear it I think of the thing itself! Felipe is always my first thought :)


    • You can name Pininfarina’s champion nephew.
    • You can name a single seater made by the manufacturer of the Mini Cooper, which I think deserves as much fame as the Mini Cooper.
    • When “Pironi” comes off the top of your head when you hear “Didier”, before “Drogba”.
    • When you’ve read/heard of how appropiately named the FA1L is.
    • When Enzo makes you think of 2 team owners (the other being Osella)
    • When you know how many people were credited the most for the BT46B, the MP4/4, and the McLaren F1.
    • When you know that F1 cars are prototypes – and aren’t the most technologically advanced among them.
    • When you prefer F1F over F1’s official site.


    @fixy In Dutch the physical term mass is also ‘massa’. In highschool, at physics we are being taught that ‘massa is slow’. In retrospect, this makes an F1-fan giggle.




    In Dutch the physical term mass is also ‘massa’

    Same here in Indonesia, though most people don’t really pay attention to F1 too much here (RUSH didn’t even make it to the cinema (or concert halls)!), I’d say there is a chance that more people have heard of J.P.Coen than Felipe Massa, so when “massa” gets mentioned there won’t be any jokes flying about Felipe.


    sleazy johns

    ……..your friends and others simply ignore car racing and watch the footy match (silly game indeed!!!!:)) instead and after you tell them who won the GP they look at you like you were some kind of alien; when you zap around to see if there are channels on TV that show car races (e.g. NASCAR, stock racing, drag racing, etc.) and get angry when you notice there aren’t any:); when, LIKE MYSELF, I go around saying that Ferrari is HIGHLY SUPERIOR to MERCEDES and see the sheer IGNORANT anger in people around you who own a Mercedes and think it’s the best car in the world, hahahhahahahahahha:):)!!!!



    When all you talk about online is how everything is wrong with F1..



    When you add something you this thread…



    when you realize what’s going on in the race before the commentators do



    When you get annoyed when you miss a big F1 headline because you were getting groceries…



    When you feel inconsolable when you have to go out for something important just precisely at the time of the f1 race .


    Lucas Wilson

    I can vouch for all of this ^^ :-)



    …When you tape the race because you were away, but gets really annoyed when it appears you forgot to turn off the radio on the way back.

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