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F1 discussion

You know you’re an F1 Fanatic when…


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    When your girlfriend accidentally tells you the results of the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix, because she thought you wanted to know, even though you specifically said that you didn’t, because you had to work and then had to watch a very exciting and unpredictable race, already knowing the outcome…

    …But I’m not bitter about it.

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    Lucas Wilson


    lol, frineds always joke with me saying “Do you want to know who won?” at which point I shout ‘NO!’

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    … you talk to someone about the Sahara desert, and the only thing you can think about is Force India.

    … in that same conversation you hear ‘Sochi’ and you think about the Russian GP before you think about the Winter Olympics.

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    …you hear the alpine skiing commentator saying “practice times turned out to be irrelevant” and the first phrase popping into your head is “differing fuel loads?”.

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    I am now imagining ski-jumping with mandatory (overdone) weight handicaps. It is awesome.


    When last year, I was waiting for March 16th exciitedly, as the day of the Australian GP, and something else, quite important too… ah yes, my sister’s wedding. I remember I missed part of the party to see an F1 program on TV previous to the race :P

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    Ah, that is atrocious to your sister @omarr-pepper! :-o Considering that you are an F1F, the stewards deem it just not to levy any penalty :P

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    .. when someone says in the office that the project didn’t look good and you wonder why don’t they implement a vanity panel..

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    When you don’t go to YouTube and complain about this year’s engines knowing it was present in an era of F1 loved by a lot of people.

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    Amen to that.

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    When you try to touch the apex while cornering when driving….:)

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    When you talk about F1 during a driving lesson and end up trying to explain how the turbo in new F1 engines compare to the turbo in the car you’re driving..

    Alternatively, when you’re 23, no longer live with you parents, but still have F1 posters all around. (Great with girls, btw.)

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    Lucas Wilson

    When for no reason whatsoever you start to recreate bits of famous F1 commentary.

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    When you’ve visited this website every day for the last 2 and a half years..

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    When you know in advance that in a music festival in July you’ll be avoiding every social media as you know that as soon as you login to either Twitter or Facebook you’ll know who won the race…

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 95 total)

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