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F1 discussion

You know you’re an F1 Fanatic when…


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    Or when the ring of you alarm clock is of a Ferrari V12 engine revving at full power!

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    … when you use Brundle-isms in everyday conversation. Man he’s got some gems.

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    You keep logging in to until 3 am to get the roundup which youve been looking for since 12am, unable to sleep until you read it, with work in the morning….

    Also, when you spend more time reading up on testing and f1 related gumpf than you do listening to anything your girlfriend was trying to say to you earlier….

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    When you try the new turbo noises and look like a fool in the process .

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    Pink Peril

    You no longer ‘visit the bathroom’ but make a quick pitstop

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    … your wife (who isn’t an F1 fanatic) turns to you and makes a comment on the latest F1 news.

    Profile photo of dragoll

    … when everyone in the tea room of an automotive company avoids talking about motor racing, let alone f1, in front of you.

    Profile photo of dragoll

    … you find yourself standing in queue at the track gates for Friday practice at 5am to get a good spot to watch the action in General Admission

    … you return at 5am for Saturday qualifying

    … you return for 5am on Sunday for race day

    … you turn up for work on Monday, blistered, tired, ringing in the ears and with a smile on your face

    Profile photo of Force Maikel
    Force Maikel

    …when you get up at eight in the morning to follow pre season testing while you know you’re off today and could possibly try to stay in bed as long as you can desire…

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    …when you stay up till 3am just to finish watching the f1 testing even when its a red flag and no ones running…

    Profile photo of dragoll

    … you are refusing to buy Pirelli tyres for your standard passenger car based on what happened in last weekends race.


    When you have a “Leave Me Alone, I know what I’m doing” specially-made t-shirt, and you frame your PJ Tierney prize poster to hang it in your living room, near your wedding pic.

    Profile photo of LPH

    When you sit and wonder what your leopard gecko would look like with a set of pirellis on !

    Profile photo of luigismen

    …You get up early on a work day to chek on the pre-season test lap times

    Profile photo of Bradley Downton
    Bradley Downton

    …you see Red Bull struggling in testing and refuse to write them off just yet!

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 95 total)

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