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F1 discussion

You know you're an "F1 Fanatic" fanatic when…

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    – When you convince yourself BasCB, US_Peter, Prof Kirk, Ajokay, MiguelF1, Scribe.. And to some extent PM.. Are your good mates and you quite fancy going to the pub with them now, but you can’t, and that’s quite annoying….

    – When you keep checking back, and think that Keith having an off day cos he hasn’t posted a new article in the last 20 minutes.

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    – You check the site before you check Facebook or Twitter first thing in a morning!

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    You stay awake every night and hit refresh exactly at midnight, and get frustrated when the roundup is slightly late!

    I remember it being really late one day and I tweeted Keith I was that frustrated!

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    Well Hare, seeing as you “grew up in and around Stevenage…”, assuming you’re still nearby, we might just be able to go down the pub. Unless, of course, you are actualy a hare, in which case I doubt they’d serve you.

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    Nah, I left Stevenage for NZ. I used to live in the north part of town for a while… Canterbury Way! Grew up in Hatfield/St Albans though. Close enough as makes no difference when your proclaming your position for a discussion on bias :)

    But I wish I could! I feel like the only f1 fan in this darn country.. :) I’m not, but feels it..:D

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    But hey, at least it’s not Luton.

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    Ned Flanders

    As I wrote on another thread earlier, when I missed the start of the 2002 Austrian GP, I cried. To be fair I was only 12 at the time, but still quite pathetic!

    EDIT: Erm hang on a sec, I completely misread the title of the thread. A Fanatic fanatic! Let’s see…

    …when you become very curious to as what the people you are constantly talking to actually look like.

    …when you consider some of your fellow fanatics “cyber friends” without knowing anything about them other than they like F1

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    you think the people posting look like there gravatars.

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    @Ratboy my posture often looks like my Gravatars posture when I’m using a computer…. However, I’m not as fluffy.

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    Good thread! I sometimes wish we could all go for a pint.

    You know you’re an F1F fanatic when your girlfriend says “it’s time to go to bed, stop reading about cars.”

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    When you make F1Fanatic the home page on the the computers you have access to

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    When you find yourself checking your watch and thinking about how long it is until the next roundup is posted.

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    Jarred Walmsley


    Nope, you’re definitely not the only NZ F1 fan.

    I am too, Auckland instead of Canterbury though

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    @Jarred!! Awesome, that makes three of us!! :)

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    Jarred Walmsley

    @ Hare Who’s the other?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 112 total)

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