You know you're an "F1 Fanatic" fanatic when…

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    Jarred, some guy I know who ran a NZV8 race team last season :)



    When one of your proudest moments is getting CotD.

    You can easily predict what some users are going to say about certain topics before they’ve even posted their comments.

    When one of your highlights to an F1 weekend isn’t just the F1 but the live blogs and you’re filled with a sense of achievement in life and overhwelming gratitude when the mods grant you autopublish.

    When you’re willing to wake up at least an hour before F1 coverage starts (even when the races are incredibly early) just so it leaves plenty of time to fight with the laptop to get it working for the live blog and so that there is time to read any new articles and leave comments.

    When Keith/a f1fanatic experiences abuse at the hand of a troll yopu immediately want to type to their defence.



    That it perfect Steph! You’ve basically said everything that I’ve wanted to say xd



    …when you become very curious to as what the people you are constantly talking to actually look like.

    …when you consider some of your fellow fanatics “cyber friends” without knowing anything about them other than they like F1

    Ned Flanders

    I must agree with these!


    Tom L.

    That horrible sense of guilt when you post a question on the rolling quizzes and then can’t get back online to confirm the right answer, and know everyone is waiting expectantly…



    I definitely agree with ratboy. I associate you all with your pictures, and assume you sound like them too!



    I really need to change my picture from Alonso then… :P

    Oh and thanks Polishboy! :) Ps I love your picture of Kubica’s helmet

    …when users change their profile pictures and they feel like an entirely different person to you :P



    -When you check the rolling trivia every morning before you do anything else

    -When you have every link on the website in your favorite list so you can get there that split second faster.



    @steph, well you’re a friend on facebook, so that is slightly different!

    I know what you mean about changing pictures though. I won’t change mine, it feels like my identity!


    Ned Flanders

    sw- I can tell you that I neither look, sound or act like the real Ned Flanders! I don’t believe in God, I’m not left handed, and my parents weren’t “freaky beatniks”



    – when I know that if a thread on the forum or an article has been up for more than half a day Dan and/or Steph will probably have already made a comment that I completely agree with, and this thread is no different.

    – when the vast majority of people who follow you on twitter are also f1fanatics

    – when you see ‘MP4-19B’ and you don’t you don’t think of the car

    – when you scan through the comments on articles looking for recognisable avatars so you know which of the long comments I should read first



    You know you’re an “F1 Fanatic” fanatic when… you have “f1fanatic.co.uk” set as your homepage



    when you drive 3 hours to meet fellow fanatics and talk about F1 all day :D

    or when you see old sponsers logos and remember what car they came off



    When you’ve met Keith and felt honoured

    When you don’t feel patriotic at all but rage at “British bias” comments

    When you hate PM one day and love him the next

    When you say you don’t want to brag about your COTDs but do so at every opportunity (like this one)

    When you feel like someone who supports a different team and a rival driver is still your friend



    @icthyes being his brother the honour of meeting him wears off ;)

    ooooo im going to pay for that comment haha

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