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You know you're an "F1 Fanatic" fanatic when…

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    …when you learn time zones of the world based on where races are.

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    Daniel Thomas

    When you see a billboard advertising Sky F1 and immediately think, ‘hey that’s Jules Bianchi testing at Abu Dhabi 2011′, just from the helmet design.

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    Force Maikel

    ….when looking at a bottle of head and schoulders and immediately you see the FW34

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    I was reading the F1 2013 article today and although I hadn’t read who the author was, I realised by the third paragraph that it wasn’t @keithcollantine! That made me realise how used I am to his writing style! That does not mean in any way that I didn’t enjoy @willwood‘s way of writing, in fact it was an entertaining read!

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    And, of course, when that thought occured to me I was about to write it in the comments, but I remembered this thread existing and looked it up. It happens quite often that I remember of some old, lost threads, my brain must have an “F1 Fanatic” section in my memories!

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    When you keep on commenting and commenting even though no one replies to you :P F1Fanatic is for me the best F1 community online! Not a single doubt about that! Thanks guys :)

Viewing 7 posts - 106 through 112 (of 112 total)

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