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F1 discussion

You know you’ve been away from F1 for too long when…

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    Max Chilton fan

    We have already got a couple of similar topics but this is a try to look at the things from the other side.

    Here’s my contribution:

    …you wonder what made Ferrari colour their cars silver and why Schumacher cannot win with them anymore

    Your turn friends :)

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    When you thought Alain Prost had retired only to find out he’s been turned into a nose cone.

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    You spend every other Sunday Looking at a blank TV screen wondering why you cant hear or see any F1 car going around the track.

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    When you spend hours looking at the details of the computer generated images of the upcoming season’s cars, which won’t even look the same come the first race of the season. Argh.

    Come on March, hurry up!

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    When you thought moveable aero devices were illegal and overtaking used to take effort.

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    Peter Cotterill

    …when you wonder why you can’t hear Murray Walker or James Hunt commentating.

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    When you ask yourself how Rosberg stays so young and why he changed his name in the first place.

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    …when you’re no longer looking forward to car launches and testing.
    (I’m sure I’ll be as excited as always when the cars start racing, but I’ve not missed F1 during this winter, sadly)

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    When you See Senna and Renault written on the side of a Williams……

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    When Valencia race is on Justin TV and you still watch it cos its F1

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    Even though RBR and STR haven’t changed their livery much in years to the point it really bores you, you suddenly think their cars are gorgeous.

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    When you see your kids watching cartoons about a mad genius and the first thing that comes to your mind is Adrian Newey.

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    When you think your TV’s aspect ratio is screwed because the cars look so weird.

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    A cross country run is seen in my eyes as an F1 start!

    Also that I know how many days and hours there are left until melbourne practice, whenever anyone asks me.

    Finnaly, I care more about the Jerez Practice online than my GCSE coursework!


    When you turn your economics notes into one, massive, formula 1 track…seriously, spent today’s lesson designing a track which would be more exciting than Tilke’s ctrl c ctrl v job!

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