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Your desired pole sitter for each race in 2012

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    Younger Hamii

    Guys i’ve been thinking about the 2011 Season and saying to myself ‘What if he got Pole’ ‘What difference would it have made to the Outcome of the Race weekend’ but ifs and buts,We move forward & thats Motorsport.So lets look to the future,Who do you think should claim pole for which race in 2012.Leave your suggestions below with your reasons why!!!


    Profile photo of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’d like to see Vettel on pole regularly again. I’m not saying that to troll – I’m saying it because I want to see how far he can go with his records.

    Profile photo of Estesark

    I’d like to see a different record being set next year – the greatest number of different drivers on pole in one season :)

    Profile photo of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m afraid I can’t see that happening, @estesark – not unless five teams make utterly fantastic cars for 2012.

    Profile photo of matt90

    I want Hamilton and Button to share a handful, but all the front runners (by this I mean Vettel and Alonso) should get a few too. Also Raikkonen to get a couple of completely surprise poles along with di Resta getting one and Senna getting close in a Williams…

    Profile photo of Estesark

    @prisoner-monkeys, you’re quite right, but this thread isn’t about who will be on pole at next year’s races, only who we would like to see on pole. I’m fully aware that my wish won’t be fulfilled!

    Profile photo of raymondu999

    Could I just say it would be fantastic to have Kimi (who’s not too shabby at Spa) to get pole at Spa?

    Profile photo of magon4

    Hülkenberg at Interlagos…


    I would like to see Kamui Kobayashi on pole for every race.

    Profile photo of Ell

    I can see Vettel, Mclaren and Alonso all grabbing some. Schumacher, Hamilton or Raikkonnen at Spa.

    Profile photo of raymondu999

    @Magnifficent-Geoffrey Spoken like a true Magnificent Geoffrey :P

    On that note; I’d love to see the same for Sebastian Vettel.

    Profile photo of Benjamin Lowry
    Benjamin Lowry

    It’d be really nice to see Webber get pole in Australia, because then he may finally finish above 5th in his home race. Ditto Vettel in Germany (although he has at least finished on the podium).

    Profile photo of VettelS

    In order of preference: Schumacher, Vettel, Raikkonen.

    Profile photo of Alex

    The season opener should be someone from outside the top three teams, just to ram home to us all that this is a new season. How about Raikonnen for Melbourne? That would be exciting!

    Then Alonso on pole for Ferrari in Malaysia – showing that Ferrari intends to give a proper showing in this year’s title fight.

    Once it’s been established that this is a real contest, I’d love it Vettel proved that this year’s records were more about the man than the car by taking half the poles over the season anyway. Hamilton would surely snatch a couple – I reckon he and Vettel are the best qualifiers on the grid – and it would be unbelievably awesome if Schumacher could somehow have one last hurrah on a wet Saturday in Germany.

    How do those five sound is potential pole-winners? I know I’d be on the edge of my seat.

    Profile photo of Eggry

    I like @Alex ‘s idea. Really. It’s unlikely and I hope Alonso would get all poles or if not Alonso, Ferrari would get all poles but still great Idea.

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