Your F1 ritual on Sundays

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    Fer no.65

    danjwills made me think about it. What’s your usual ritual every F1 Sunday? appart from logging on F1Fanatic’s live blog (most of you), what else do you usually do?

    I usually woke up at 8:50 (European races start at 9) to prepare breakfast just before the race. I get myself a nice big cup of coffee and milk, 2 toasts, the butter and sugar. I run to the computer, i get a glance at the last bit of news on autosport and then take everything to the living room. I turn on the telly and glue my … to the sofa for the next 2 hours.

    That’s all i’ve been doing every F1 Sunday for the last 7 years, really!.

    Up to you!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t really have one. The races aren’t usually broadcast until midnight here; the only tim I have any ritual is for the Brazilian and Canadian Grand Prix (and the American in 2012) as those races don’t get broadcast until around 2am: dose myself with about a litre of iced coffee around 10pm, then wait.



    I’m in the Caribbean, almost all races starts at 8am local time, so no much time for a ritual but to set alarm at 7:30am, wake up, turn TV on, turn computer on, log on F1Fanatic Live blog, Log on the formula1.com live timing , and look for news, and a BBC feed. A friend and my brother comes joins from near apartments. Wait for the lights, And we are off!!

    The big problem comes for races at Japan, China, and Korea , they start at 2am local time. Some times I wait, some times I sleep early and wake up by that time. But Korea was an odyssey to watch because of the delays, it ended at 5am!!



    Great idea for a topic,

    I spend half my time at my house and half at my girlfriends, but come race day i have to be at home with the big screen :)

    Always make sure i have no distractions and i’m nice and warm.

    Sadly i dont have the chance to log onto the live stuff on here. A friend is borrowing my laptop and is in the states at the moment, i have an iMac but it’s not near my TV.


    Dan Thorn

    Well I finish work on a sunday at 11:45 and our coverage usually begins at 12:10 (for most races anyway). My preperation therefore involves a frantic drive home. When I get hom I settle down in front of the TV while my girlfriend brings me lunch and that’s it really. I’ll often wear some kind of team merchandise as well.



    Usually in my region it’s holiday on Friday so what I do is I don’t work, study or anything on Sunday. The races usually starts at 6 PM so have to think a lot of power cut,if I miss some parts of the race (usually the last 1 hour) I wait for the highlights to watch between this I don’t turn on the website to see who won.Just keeps the excitement.I usually lock myself in for that two hours.

    Last thing,nice thread but we won’t do things like this for a very long time after 14th November until 13th March 2011.

    P.S-Sorry for grammar.



    Well I’m in the UAE and our working week is Sunday to Thursday, so my ritual involes making sure I’ve set the decoder to record the race (and the show before and after, just in case) and then going to work and trying to avoid all F1 news in any way shape or form, which is tough!

    Then I head home, watch the race with arabic commentary, shout at how useless they are (because they talk over the team radio and every now and then you hear them say “….1973……Brabham……Jim Clark…..” which you know has nothing to do with the race), and then read the race reviews on F1F, Autosport and F1.com.

    Repeat for every race of the year except Brazil which is on late enough for me to watch at home.



    @geemac It might be worth looking at connecting to iPlayer using one of the uk proxies, info on the net is available on how to do it. I of course do not recommend this type of activity :)



    Well what I generally do with Qualifying and Free Practice is just watch the race on my laptop with my telly on mute. If yu have a good feed there is usually only a 2-3 second delay, so I can watch the telly with the sound conming from my laptop, which is bearable.

    The proxy server thing doesn’t really work, because most proxy servers are blocked in the UAE. :(



    I’m in the Uk, so theres not many races that aren’t on at a good time for me.

    With the European races I tend to have quite a routine. I will always sit in the same place on the sofa (left hand side) with my feet up on my bean bag. In the summer a glass bottle of coke, in the winter a cup of tea :).

    Turn on the TV just in time for the BBC show, settle down and don’t move until the bbc forum has finished.

    As for the fly away races such as Japan which are early, I rarely get up because I hate getting up early. So I normally watch it at around 10 in the morning with the same routine as above but maybe with some cereal!

    For the start I am always on the edge of my seat, and this lasts about 5 laps until everything has died down. Sporadic cheering when a driver I like overtakes someone or a driver I don’t like spins off!



    Wake up easily, have breakfast, go on F1F on my PC, have lunch, sit & watch (races usually start at 14:00).



    1) Wake up

    2) Brush my teeth

    3) Watch the race

    4) Quick breakfast after lap 5 or around it

    And that’s it. I wake up just barely before the race because there is practicaly no pre-race broadcast here in Brazil (just some random and mostly useless things said by our lunatic commentator, 10 minutes before the race starts)



    @ damonsmedley

    Like you I too wear F1 clothing during the live race & qualifying. I have a Renault 2005 T-Shirt.



    Far East/Australia: Wake up at least one hour before the race, ear breakfast before the race.

    Middle East/Singapore: Normal wake-up, probably watch some weather forecasts and previews in the Internet.

    Europe: Watch FBMW+GP3+GP2+PSC, eat something, watch previews/weather forecasts on the Internet and race. Eating something after PSC.

    America: Normal wake-up, watch previews and weather forecasts.

    In every occasion spending at least two hours in the different forums after the race.



    Interesting to see what everyone does. I too also reside in Australia, so most of the races are on at 10pm, which is good as it allows me to do other stuff during the day like going for a hoon with mates on the motorbikes or racing the car through the bush. Kinda gets me more fired up for the race. Then back home, dinner, get the fire going during the winter months, a bit of Sunday-night tv then OneHD pre-race show (I don’t mind it, but I would rather whatever the BBC do) and then the race. This routine, of course goes out the window for the odd fly away races, but it’s F1, it won’t work around your life, you make time to work your life around it (as much as possible…)

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