Your favourite F1 crashes

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    Lucas Wilson

    OK, so long as no one gets hurt, I find crashes (like many people) quite fun to watch. But what are your favourates?

    Mine would have to be:

    Spa 1998 (skip to 0:19)

    And Valencia 2010



    No offence, but my favourite crashes are all the big crashes where the driver and spectators are OK. :)


    Lucas Wilson

    LOL, I mean SERIOUSLY hurt, not a few bruises.



    First crash I saw live when I was a kid. Always love it when someone goes airborne at the start lol (of course as long as no-one gets injured). That Schumacher-Burti crash in Germany 01 was pretty cool as well.

    1998 was one of the most reckless years. Check out the two attempts at a race start in Canada that year. You don’t even see chaos like that in GP2 nowadays (normally).


    As an opinion, you should rename the post as “the ones which you remember the most” or stuff like that, because when there is a crash in F1, it just makes me feel nervous cause I don’t know if the driver can make it through.
    The ones I remember are
    Barrichello flying in Imola
    Grosjean first lap vs Alonso and Hamilton in Spa
    Kubica in Canada
    One of Schum in Abu Dhabi when his car spins and he is looking backwards, and somebody crashes him.
    Red Bull boys in Turkey
    Maldonado and Hamilton in Valencia
    Ralf Schum at Indianapolis
    … enough?



    I don’t really like to see crashes, but ones that spring to mind the most are:
    M. Schumacher and Hill – Australia 1994; M. Schumacher and Villeneuve – Europe 1997;
    Spa 1998 and 2012; R. Schumacher – Australia 2002;
    Webber and Alonso – Brazil 2003; R. Schumacher – US 2004 and 05;
    Kubica – Canada 2007; Kovalainen – Spain 2008;
    Vettel and Webber – Turkey 2010; Webber – Europe 2010.



    Vettel/Senna – Brazil 2012
    More of a coming together then a crash, but it didn’t half make me jump in delight.



    pretty much any of the crashes from crash boy (finger boy/golden boy) from 2007-2010 which happened in basically every second race



    Pierluigi Martini and Christian Fittipaldi at Monza ’93. One of the best race finishes I’ve seen in F1:



    I don’t like crashes because I’m not a sadist.


    Craig Woollard

    I do think @anto ‘s one is the most interesting one I can think of…

    I don’t like crashes as they make me wince.

    Kubica’s at Canada is the one that made me go ‘wow’ most.



    I genuinely still laugh at this one: Every single time.

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