Your favourite Grand Prix of all time?

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    Rob Allen


    What is your favourite Grand Prix of all time? I mean. one that you could watch over and over again and still feel the rush of excitement each time.
    For me it has to be the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix. This race is amazing to me as it turned out to be the most thrilling and close thought battles at the circuit ever!
    In a season that was more or less dominated by the Williams team (Mansell cake walking virtually all of the races) the last stages of the race showed that under less fortunate and powerful equipment Senna STILL made Monaco HIS track, winning with all his skill and determination.
    Being a bigger fan of the f1 era of 1984-1996 is the reason I have picked a race 21yrs back.
    A way back now but still the best in my opinion.
    What’s yours?


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    Being the Schumacher fan that I am, I’d say it’s a tossup between Japan 2000 and China 2006. The former for what he achieved – and how he had to fend off Hakkinen to do it. The latter for sheer action – and not just Schumacher’s fightback; the midfield was fun too.


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    I’d say:
    Japan 2000, for Schumacher’s first Ferrari title win, and an immense battle with Hakkinen
    Japan 2005, huge excitement, wit Raikkonen spectacularly passing Fisi for the win on the final lap
    China 2006, fun packed race, with Schumacher fighting his way through against the Michelin runners to take his last win
    Italy 2008, for Vettel dominating in the wet, for Toro Rosso
    Monaco 2011, action packed again, with the three best drivers of that year driving immaculately, under huge pressure


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    Fer no.65


    Brazil 2003: impossible not to chose it
    Brazil 2008: we know what happened…
    Brazil 2012: the best first 20 laps EVER in the history of F1. An intensity from lights to flag.
    Hungary 2006: Alonso’s race there was supreme. Sad about the wheel nut, but glad about JB’s maiden win.

    I got a few more that I loved too, but from the top of my head, those 4 are the ones I enjoyed the most. BTW, I hated Suzuka 2005 because I was rooting for Fisi :P.


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    Lucas Wilson


    Does at have to be one I have watched?

    Canada 2011: I a season of RB-Vettel domination, JB winning from an eventual last place in the GP was just incredible.

    Malaysia 2012: I think even Ferrari fans were willing Checo and Sauber to win the race.

    Abu Dhabi 2012: The most action packed GP I have seen in a long time.


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    2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, easily.


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    1999 French GP scrambled up order in qualifying, when the usual order was restored it rained and scrambled the order again, everyone thought either Hakkinen or Barrichello would win and out of nowhere Frentzen won.

    1999 European GP no one wanted to win that race. If Minardi didn’t mess up Badoer’s pit stop he would have been in 2nd place


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    Rob Allen


    Well good win for Herbert #99 euro gp anyway


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    I’d have to go with Canada 2011


    Belgian GP 2004, won by the Iceman.


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    1995 Spa, Schumacher shows who’s the boss with slicks against Hill & everything else he did in that race.


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    I don’t know if my favourites are really that great to watch for racing, but they mean something to me. For sentimental reasons I would choose Suzuka 1996. I remember as a little boy waking up in the small hours of the morning with my Dad, hoping Damon Hill would win, and being so excited when he did. Murray Walker’s commentary on the last lap kind of summed up how I felt. That would have been topped by Hungary 1997 if only that race had been one lap shorter… I also had a soft spot for Gerhard Berger growing up so I really love Hockenheim 1997 where he stuck the car on pole and then dominated from start to finish. I fell out of love with the sport at the turn of the century so I didn’t watch for example Suzuka 05 live so in recent years Brazil 2007 and 2008 have to be the standout. Firstly for Kimi winning the title against all the odds, and then the sheer frenzy that was the last laps in 08. Best race purely from an enjoyment point of view would likely be Canada 2011, even with the enormous delay with the rain.


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    Kamui Fan


    Without a doubt … 2011 Canadian GP!!!


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    So many to choose from.
    Belgium 2008 before the stewards wrecked it. Lewis and Kimi dueling it out was amazing to watch, two absolute modern greats.
    Brazil 2003 for the pure chaos, I can’t remember any other race where the winner declared by race direction wasn’t actually the winner.
    Turkey 2010 for seeing two intense team-mate battles for the lead, the first one going horribly wrong for Red Bull with Vettel hitting Webber, and then another between Hamilton and Button which could easily have ended the same but somehow didn’t, with Hamilton eventually winning.


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    Juan Pablo Heidfeld


    Can’t say Brazil 2012 because I wanted Alonso to win! so can’t be my favourite. Canada 2011 is up there, Valencia 2010 was great. 2005 British GP I remember fondly

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