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Your mid season ratings and rest of the season predictions for the top 10?

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    I assume Keith isn’t doing mid season rankings till after the Hungarian GP, so here are mine.

    Alonso – 9/10.
    Extracted maximum at every GP so far, put himself in the position to take advantage of others
    misfortunes, possibility of emulating Schumi’s ’98 season with a different ending. No 10 from me
    due to luck + Massa making the car seem much worse than it is. Would give him 9.5 if I did half

    Hamilton – 9/10.
    Has been let down by his team in the pits and on track, can still win the championship though.

    Vettel/Webber – 8/10.
    Neither has been consistent enough over the season so far, with the best car overall. If either was
    dominating the other/performing at all tracks he would lead the championship.

    Raikkonen – 7/10.
    Is getting outqualified by his teammate and is rather tentative in the first few laps, compromising
    his race on more than one occasion.

    Perez – 7/10.
    Has regulations that suit his style, a good car, but has lacked consistency.

    Button – 6/10.
    Looked like a championship contender in the first 3 races before falling off the radar. Season pretty
    much over as far as the WDC is concerned.

    Grosjean – 6/10.
    Beating WDC teammate but throwing away points in first lap collisions with other drivers in AUS,
    MAL, MON, GBR.

    Kobayashi – 6/10.
    Seems to get the weaker strategies of the two Sauber drivers, lacks consistency, would like to see
    him in a better car though.

    Rosberg – 6/10.
    If he was beating Shumi in qualifying like last year and had similar race pace he would be higher
    up in the standings. Underachieving so far.

    End of Season:

    WDC – Alonso.

    WCC – RB.

    Schumi to win at SPA/Monza^^.

    Your ratings?

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