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    I was wondering this earlier and this thread says what it does, you are a team boss, which car would you pick from over the years or would you do a mash-up of cars. As well as that what drivers would you put in the hot-seat, current or old, young talent, dead or aliver, but importantly why?

    I would personally take the old Schumacher put him in the strongest car of the 1990’s, to team him up I would add the sensational Senna, and as a test driver it would have to be Vettel, Formula 1’s current superstar.

    That’s my opinion, what’s yours?



    Not exactly surprising picks are they? Not even specifically picking a team but just saying you want “the strongest car”, not picking a date but simply a 10 year stretch by going with “the 1990’s” and then “choosing” 3 of the most acclaimed Formula 1 drivers to have ever raced.

    Besides, how can one simply choose a car when the looks and characteristics are decided by the rules in effect?



    I agree. I don’t quite understand. It seems very vague and there is no way to debate choices really seeing as it is across 60 years.



    My one above was a rough sketch on what to base your argument on. I want people debating on car, why it was best because there were these regulations and to produce a car that great on this regulations is really good! For the drivers, why they would suit that car, what they could bring to a team, developing, would they get along. I think a prediction on where you could see them team in a few years with that duo developing a team. I will be giving a full opinion on it tomorrow, but I think a strong argument would be, I would pick car ‘x’ because in that year the regulations were like this… and to produce a car like that was really something and compared to the other cars produced it shows. I think these drivers would be an assett to that team because they are really good development drivers, they could take it to the top, they would suit that car well because of their style and their off track personaliity shows they would get along well. Another person can then say well I think this car is better because of ……… and then comment of the driver choice or maybe say you agree with some things but maybe this should be different.
    Is that any better?



    The car I would pick if I were a team boss would the VR-001, the was Virgin Racing’s first Formula 1 car which was clearly not good enough. As it was an underperforming Formula 1 car I would place Sebastian Vettel in that car, my reason for that is he is currently racing and at the time of these regulations and when at Toro Rosso he developed that team a lot and really showed that the car could perform if a good driver was in it, and by choosing him I would like to see what he could do in the car and where he would bring it home and that could also show if he was in a bad car would he be able to do anything or would he rely on the machinery to win. My second driver would be Michael Schumacher, the year he returned to the sport he struggled and he was not up to his well known standards after his time out and the regulations on car’s had changed. By putting him in a very slow I would like to see what he would have been capable of, whether he is pulling himself down or whether the car is pulling him down or if it was a bit of both and this would show for either depending on their teammates performances.
    In a few years after that I would expect to see the team if well, there would have masses of sponsership money to develop the car and get some great team personell in, I would not expect a winning car but a strong mid-field car as their ability to win races would hopefully show it is man and not just the machine.



    I would choose the F2002, Michael Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya.

    Why? Because Montoya actually managed to get 7 poles in 2002 in an inferior car, and though he didn’t win a single race that year, I believe he would have given Schumi a run for his money if he had the speed and reliability of the F2002 beneath him



    @keithcollantine If you could pick any car from over the years which you think was diverse compared to others of that year what would it be and which drivers would you put in it and why?



    I think the 88 McLaren is really what I would pick and I really see no reasons to change drivers either.



    Im going to take the “Your car” bit literally and put Button & Senna in a Corsa.

    Why those 2 drivers? Why not

    Ayrton by the way

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