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Formula E

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The FIA’s new electric Formula E championship launches in 2014.

Video: Doughnuts in a Formula E car are… different


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    Keith Collantine

    Quieter and less doughnuty:

    Good morning. This is the beginning of FIA Formula E - 0-62mph 2.8s top speed 160mph. Get used to the sound, it is very different! @fiaformulae #FullElectric

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    It’s just a remote control car! Ah, races should be fun then :)

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    Sounds like Scalextric. I look forward to the Scalextric model, at least the sound will be accurate!

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    Fer no.65

    My old Tamiya Black Foot made that sound !

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    This is just embarrassing. It doesn’t even leave a half-decent rubber trail.

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    Some more donuts, this time in Las Vegas:
    It has to be noted that it’s likely that the car only used 25% engine power (±60-70 bhp).

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    That’s simply not impressing. Loud high rev engine noise combined with white clouds spring to my mind when thinking of donuts. But that car was struggeling to do proper donuts. Also the topspeed is reported to be only 225 km/h. I am not sure whether we will see spectacular races in Formula E.

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    Zomtec, the drivers have to run 100m when they change cars. If that isn’t spectacular racing, I don’t know what is. Did you honestly never watch Vettel and Alonso during 2012 and think “this is great, but the one thing this is missing is a foot-race”?

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    @matt90 If only I could have tweeted Alonso to the 2012 championship.. ;)

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    Not getting all the hate on Formula E. It’s clearly doing it’s own thing and it makes no secrets about what the series is all about…. if this was a Formula 1 car, then I would understand all the fuss about ‘where is all the engine grunt?’ and ‘where is the all burning rubber!?’. I’m not saying the comments above are amongst the worst reactions I’ve read (far from it, infact!), but I for one find the idea of a grid full of electric that sound like that, yet look like that, rather fresh and exciting. The whole thing could be a flop once it gets going, like any series, but I’m surprised there hasn’t been a series like this up and running already. Just my two pence…

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    The thing with Formula E is, it’s trying to present itself as a legitimate (although to me a spec racing series is never *as* legitimate as a non-spec series, but let’s not get into that now) motor racing series, yet with these gimmicks (far worse than double points for one race IMO), the drivers sprinting, the Twittersphere voting on an extra push to pass, the car changes, it removes that legitimacy and demeans the series. It should be allowed to stand on it’s own two feet by itself, not via the use of silly gimmicks like that.

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    Fer no.65

    It’s not a driver’s championship anyway. All eyes should be focused on the cars.

    It’s far from ideal, but for a very first season, from the total unknown, maybe all those gimmicks are not bad. I mean, street racing: not ideal in terms of motorsport, but in terms of promotion way better than racetracks. Twitterboost: it’s the opposite of ideal, but it’s all about promotion… they need that for a first year, even if we don’t like it.

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    Ryan Petersen

    Showcasing a ‘greener future’ racing series with burnouts is a daft marketing approach anyhow. They should be doing straight-line speed demos or circuit/inner city runs, and showing what the car can do best. I could imagine these things getting up to speed very quickly and that would make for an impressive show. RC-style burnouts are doing more damage than good honestly.

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    I have no problem that they can’t do burnouts which are at all impressive. I just don’t understand why they even bother. The comment above me is spot on- what use is this as a demonstration? The thing looks and sounds awkward, and does nothing to highlight the credentials of the cars.

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    I was so excited when they first announced this series. With each new announcement and demonstration I’m becoming more and more disillusioned. What I wanted was a straight up old school F1 technology war where you run what you brung. What I’d have settled for was a spec series that simply pits drivers against each other in electric cars. But it doesn’t even seem like we’re getting something as straight forward as that with the tweet boost and swapping cars. Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks out the wazoo. The FIA would have had me with the simplest of premises, but they can’t seem to manage that sort of racing anymore :/

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