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2013 Rounds 6&7: Spa-Francorchamps

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    Michael Christensen

    Magnussen is so great. Future F1 champ for sure
    I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to that conclusion. He’s quick, sure, and he’s running away with it when everyone expected Antonio Felix da Costa to be the man to beat, but it has been well-documented that Formula 1 is at an entirely new level.

    I think the most that can be said of any driver who experiences Magnussen’s level of success is that he is ready for Formula 1 – but predicting that he will be World Champion is taking things a little too far.

    A general assumption or just a view on Magnussen?
    He has a problem, no big sponsors and from Denmark, not a big homecrowd to buy the merchandise, and generally, not a big motorsports nation.
    But still, all the talk about Vandoorne and in particular Da Costa in F1 this year, is it talent, sponsors or possible merchandise sales that does it?



    +1 Michael Christensen

    And there’s just so much hype around da Costa, even though Kevin is doing way better. Hopefully we will see him in F1 soon, I think he definitely deserves a seat since he’s one of the biggest talents out there



    @mian Er.. Magnussen is a member of the McLaren Young Driver Programme. He doesn’t need sponsors..



    I’m 99% sure Magnussen will be in F1 next year. Only question is, with which team? If anything, I’m surprised he hasn’t popped up in more people’s 2014 predictions on the silly season thread.

    Oh, does anyone know what caused Stockinger’s stall yesterday? Was it a mechanical issue or driver error?



    @journeyer I agree that Magnussen is looking a very good shot for this year’s title, and generally whoever who wins the WSR 3.5 title is worthy of an F1 seat, particularly given the depth of the field the last few years.

    However, you might want to re-think your 99% assessment, given that the last 3 title winners (Aleshin, Wickens, Frijns) have failed to land an F1 seat, although Frijns has scored the Sauber reserve role.

    Ironically, the second placed driver in each of the last 3 years (Ricciardo, Vergne, Bianchi)has landed an F1 seat the following year. So perhaps AFdC should be concentrating not on catching Magnussen, but beating Vandoorne to 2nd place!



    @tdog Magnussen is different though in that he’s part of McLaren’s young driver program. So he has strong backing to get a race seat sooner rather than later. Interestingly, Vandoorne is also a McLaren young driver.

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