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Group for discussing all kinds of Formula Three racing including the F3 Euroseries, British F3, the Macau Grand Prix and more.

2011 Macau F3 Grand Prix video

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    Keith Collantine

    I won’t give away who wins in case you haven’t seen it yet…

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    That accident at the start was ridiculous.

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    After the great qualifying António Félix da Costa had, retiring at the start of the qualifying race because of a broken 1st gear and retiring on the race because of a wheel bearing it’s too much bad luck for my fellow countryman. We were all expecting a great performance with great results here in Portugal, but that car simply decided to break when it wasn’t needed!

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    I think the Macau circuit has got to be one of the worst in the world. The amount of crashes I’ve seen, it’s just begging for someone to be killed. That first proper corner where it narrows down, I don’t think I’ve seen a single group of cars make it through there unscathed.

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    Not gonna watch the whole video, don’t speak German. How did Carlos Munoz get on in it though? I used to go to school with him :)

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    Is there any video of Magnussen’s crash?

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    Younger Hamii

    @slr Reminds me of Raikkonen’s start-crash in Spain 2002 or 03 i believe

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    I’d love to see an F1 race there

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Unfortauntely, @svettel, the circuit is far too narrow for Formula 1. The hairpin in particular would be a disaster.

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    Keith Collantine

    @ajokay They’ve been racing there a long time and I can’t think of many safety problems they’ve had. I think the track is acceptable for the speeds these cars are capable of. No way could you race F1 there.

    The configuration is terrific – like the old Hockenheim, the huge straight forces the drivers to run low downforce, making the corners for more interesting and create good racing. Too few F1 tracks manage this – the closest we’ve got left are Monza and, to a lesser extent, Montreal.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    @keithcollantine – I think that might have been the intention in Abu Dhabi; the hill in the first sector and the approach to the hotel would certainly be interesting with lower downforce settings. The problem is that the fiddly chicanes break it up.

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    @enigma According to Autosport, some kind of CCTV recording exist. I doubt it’ll be made public.
    Really poor TV directing and producing in Macau, it’s like they’re stuck in the early 90s. Yeah, the track is over 6 km long, but surely they could afford to cover almost every inch of the track with at least two cameras. And the picture quality… jeez.

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    My family used to go to Macau and stay at the Lisboa hotel, courtesy of a close family friend Teddy Yip (some of you may have heard of him, if not: who paid for them! It was before I was born, so I’m very jealous, but the event actually seems to be massive judging by the home video we have lying around. The amount of fuss that is made over the weekend would make anyone think it was a Formula 1 Grand Prix! I might upload some of the video one day. There’s footage of Schumacher racing and a few other, but I can’t remember the details. I wish I could have gone though. It looks like an amazing weekend.

    I think the circuit is dangerous @ajokay, but that’s because it’s a proper street-circuit like Monaco. It has narrow sections, tight corners and then huge straights with fast kinks, and it’s massively bumpy. I wouldn’t say it’s any more dangerous than Monaco though, it’s just the drivers racing are really going for it because they know how much a good result can mean for their careers. It’s like GP2 in Monaco, really! :P

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    Keith Collantine

    Terrific video review of the race put together by @sergio-perez:

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    That’s absolutely fantastic. Really great stuff by Sergio.

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