Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Going to the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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    Thanks for the info Tim,think we will go down on spec and use that campsite. Missed the 10% discount on bronze GA tickets on the weekend,can I buy my weekend pass there for GA or is it best to order in advance?




    Camping also here >> http://francorchamps-camping.com/



    Hi folks
    sorry not been around for a while- been battling with a frozen up house!
    Kemmel is GA and a great place to sit……if you see a mixed bunch of nuts up there its us.
    As for the wasps…last year was the first year I have had problems with the things…….and the weather can’t ever be that bad again. Been to Spa every year since 2005 and wouldn’t miss it for the world!
    @wayne…now you missed the discounts it is actually cheaper for you to buy your GY tickets at the gate. Ticket offices are open from Wednesday so no problem and they take credit cards, cash and debit cards.
    Hope to see you all there…..am getting excited now its not long till the F1 cars roar on track again!


    Matt Clark

    Greeting friends,

    Coming to Europe and UK for massive roadtrip with the missus, August to Jan, first time leaving Australia. Got my grandstand tickets for Belgian and Italian GPs from official F1 site, with the redeemable voucher previously referred to above.

    At Spa we are sitting in Gold 4 uncovered on Eau Rogue and I couldn’t be more excited :) We are hoping to camp from Wed arvo through to Monday morning, then head off to be at Monza by Thursday. The Elephant looks to be a sweet spot for camping.

    Looking forward to sharing the excitement and buildup with you all in the coming months :)




    Nice work on strong together two races Matt, one day I hope to do the same as well. I bet it’s one hell of an experience.


    Katy Evans

    We went to spa last year and loved it so much we are goin back this year…
    We opted to stay at parc DES sources campsite just outside spa. Arrived on the thurs just in time for the pit walk which was well worth the time. Our campsite was clean and friendly, not very lively but we enjoyed walking down to spa in the night as it’s got nice places to eat. The campsite had
    Minibuses on the sat and sun and this made it easy to get to the track (10mins). We had general admission tickets which gave you a lot of options around the track. There is lots of walking involved through the woods- bit it was worth every 2nd! It rained ALL weekend so be prepared! But again it WORTH it and we can’t wait to go this year!



    Does anyone know if there is radio signal for UK stations in spa?
    I was thinking about getting a personal DAB to get 5live sports extra commentary for practice sessions etc but don’t want to shell out £20 if it’s not available



    Did Spa for the last 2 years…went with Page and Moy (who no longer do motor racing tours!). Not the cheapest option I know, but for someone who doesn’t mind camping, but needs my sleep in order to enjoy the event, it was the best option. Eurostar to Brussels, then included coach transfers to the circuit (which takes roughly 2 hours each way !)

    Facilites at the circuit are ok, but for those that have only done Silverstone, be warned….they are nothing like as good or varied, especially eateries.

    Both times we were in silver uncovered at the bottom of Eau Rouge….great views, although our particular seats last year were quite a way away from the big screen (it is a very long grandstand). I tried taking a radio for commentary with ear defenders so I could hear it, but it didn’t work, so gonna try a FanVision this year and buy a cheap earphone splitter so we can share it.

    Hoping to do Monza this year, but for those of you going to Spa….you will LOVE it !


    Benjamin Ford

    Hi everyone,

    My brother and I are going to spa and monza this year (our first grand prixs) and we’ll be splitting the driving. We’ll be camping, booked through F1 camping, and sitting in Gold 3 (i think) on la source. The only thing left to book is either the fun boat from hull (wednesday night, arrive thursday morning) or chunnel (thursday morning), does anyone have any preferences?

    Also wondering, a little off topic, if anyone else is going to monza?




    @benj87 Me and two mates went to Monza last year. Incredible. Absolutely. Make sure you take advantage of the free pit lane walk on Thursday, which I also believe is available at Spa.



    Hi everybody,

    Me, my grilfriend and 2 mates will be going to Spa this year. Really looking forward to it! Went to Melbourne 2010 so its been far too long. We’re driving on the thursday from Nottingham and staying at http://www.campingspador.be/.

    Hoping to be in time for the pitwalk but i’m not holding my breath.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there!



    Hi ThunderMule,

    or you can make your reservation also her: >> http://francorchamps-camping.com/



    Wanted to take my son to our first GP, many lower level events behind us. Thought I’d left it too late for Gold 8, but a couple of sites still had them (I hope!) and grabbed them from http://www.belgium-grand-prix.com – hoping they have their own allocation.

    Want to do this properly, starting from Scotland a lot of the options don’t stack up – trying to put something together that currently looks like this – fly with German wings to Cologne, hire camper van (min hire 7 days and drive to Spa looks about 90 mins. Tues-Mon – so some additional sight-seeing time.

    The link to Elephant camping seems to suggest they are sold out, but I’m hoping that refers to 2011 – they use both date formats on the page so it isn’t obvious whether it was a December or July update. – the site that is near the racing hotel – which one is that?? I’m sure I read it takes hook ups.

    any thoughts/advice welcome!!



    Can someone explain how exactly the reservation forms for the Elephant campsite work. I filled one out the form and got an email (which was just a copy of my form). What have other people done to sort camping for the Grand Prix? I’m feeling a bit lost trying to sort this out, lol.



    Nick, you get that as a ‘receipt’ of your request I think – a day or two later you’ll get an email with a price and payment instructions – I emailed at the weekend so the turnaround time might not be typical.

    I’m just a little concerned about ‘gootickets’ that I got a pair of GOLD 8’s from after everyone else was sold out. Anyone else ever used them – no replies to my emails yet, but they’ve taken payment with a ticket mailing date of August…

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