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Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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Group for fans going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps.

Going to the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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    Hey guys, this year will be my first time in the Belgium GP and I was wondering, is it possible to buy the tickets like a day before friday(august 22nd) at spa? Or I have the risk that the tickets will sell out?
    Either way, buying them online or at spa, I’ll probably get the bronze ones…

    Im going with my partner, can anyone recommend a not so expensive B&B? I dont mind a bit of travelling though. My partner has stayed in Verviers a few years ago but the one she stayed in is already fully booked.


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    Stu Meech

    Hi all.

    Quick question about the Belgium Grand Prix – what is the earliest you could get back to a ferry port from the track after race day on the Sunday? Allowing for traffic etc. We’ll probably be staying at the l’eau rouge campsite.

    My lovely girlfriend has bought us tickets for my 30th Birthday, but I have to be back in London for work on Monday so trying to work out the logistics. As we are camping etc, we have to drive over there so flights are out.

    Unless I fly back from Brussels after the race – currently £45 on the 7.30ish Easyjet flight to Gatwick.



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    Hi, I’ve been to Spa twice in 09 and last year So my view for Alik and Stu Meech.

    Tickets – Both years the ticket booths outside La Source entrance were selling tickets right through the weekend (including thursday). Obviously the most popular stands sell out but Bronze GA tickets always seem to be available. I don’t think Spa gets close to a sell out these days but someone else may be able to confirm.

    Traffic – Traffic was similar both times I went, bad around the track then a good run before more delays at the tunnel terminal. Depends how much of a rush you want, last year we had a quick walk on the track then back to take down the tent, i think we got on the road about 5.30 and were back over at Calais about 10.30 (no comfort stops) but then got on a train around 1am local time due to the queues. Even if you rush away at end of race I would allow a minimum of 5 – 6 hours for what is I think about a 3.5 hour run on clear roads. I used the tunnel both times and they were so swamped they were just ignoring times booked and just loading up the trains and getting people away as quick (slow?) as possible. Getting back for Monday work is very do-able, just have a good supply of Red Bull and coffee waiting. Well worth the effort though.

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    Stu Meech

    That is most useful, Poletopole, thanks. We’ll book a late letunnel and just see what happens!

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    Jim Barrett

    Hello,after only 100 emails, snail mail, and an email to the belgian embassy,I now have my tickets.woo hoo!(after4 months). But, my next question is, are the seats any good?
    My wife and I are in Block B, row 15 seats 28 and 27 in silver 4, Bruxelles.ANY info about this area would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim Barrett.

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    pair of tickets for friday only,,, gold 10 at eau rouge,,,, front row,,,, i cant make it for friday so offered for sale,,, i have them at hand,,, 100 pounds for the pair

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    Jack Stow

    Does anyone know if there is a difference between ‘Bronze Area’ & ‘Zone Bronze’? Also, does the weekend ticket include the Sunday coach travel? The website isn’t clear –

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