Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2015 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    Keith Collantine

    Discussion area for people going to the 2015 British Grand Prix.


    nil db

    This will be my second visit. Last year I watched Hamilton win & McLaren achieve their target of getting Jenson into top 5 just off the podium at P4. Their best performance of the season. This year I hope to see Hamilton win again & to see (& hear) both McLaren Honda cars running on full beans.


    This will be my first F1 race, splashed out a bit and went for Club Silverstone at Becketts



    Hello, any tips what is the best way of going to Silverstone track from Cambridge?


    Adam Last

    Hello all…

    The 2015 British Grand Prix will be the second GP that I have had the opportunity to attend (the first was USGP 2013 in Austin). Any advice about going to the circuit from Northampton and the noise of the turbo engines (ie ear defenders, yes or no) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.



    Hi Adam, I’ve been twice before from northampton, last year and 2013. Easiest way is to buy a park and ride ticket when you buy your tickets- you will need to choose ‘six fields’ stadium. They run pretty much all day but I’d advise getting there earlyish so you don’t miss any action! As for the engines, they’re definitely not as loud as the last time you will have seen an f1 car but they are adequate enough in my opinion. Ear defenders aren’t needed but you may want to to some plugs for the gp2 as they’re still pretty loud. Hope this helps!



    This is my first British Grand Prix since 1998! Any idea what queues are like from the M1 south? Silverstone recommends this way (have previously gone via Buckingham A413) – plan to leave home at 5am, expect to start queuing from 6am and hopefully though the gates as they open at 7am.

    Re: ear defenders – don’t expect they are necessary? I didn’t bother at the 1988 race (mix of turbos and 3.5 normally-aspirated) or 1998 (3-litre normally aspirated).

    Any idea how much the programmes are?

    P.S. I’m going with three others in the same car and paying the pre-booked £50 on-site parking ticket, so we are stumping up £12.50 each – rather less painful! They say closer to the time they will charge £7 postage for the parking ticket, and on the day will be £65-70 per car.



    I’m flying in from Belgium. Got everything pre-arranged for me. Sitting at Stowe. My first overseas GP.


    Caroline Miles

    You need to go in on the route recommended in with your tickets (saying that we haven’t got any in with ours this year so good job we know where we are going) – routes we used to go in on are now either closed or just to 1 location which means you will have to retrace your way back to where you should have gone. We actually got stuck the year before last as road was only one way – something of a nightmare. Traffic flow has improved as a result of this so queues not too bad. They have also reduced the amount of circuit parking to help with this but people still turn up without circuit parking and try to get in which just blocks up the road whilst the marshalls have to move them on – no pass no parking.

    Ear defenders aren’t needed but people do still use them – up to you really.

    Programmes were I seem to recall £10 last year – not sure if they will be more this year.


    Adam Last

    Rodney—not sure exactly (re price of programs) Shouldn’t be more than 15 or 20 GBP.

    Tomasz–A428 to A421 to M1 to A43. You should see signs for the circuit on the A43.



    Thanks Adam and Caroline!

    Anyone know (I’ve never done it): do they allow you to bring your own food in?


    Caroline Miles

    Hi Rodney

    Yes you can take your own food – a large number of fans turn up with their cool boxes. Just remember if you are in a grandstand rather than general admission you have to get whatever bags you have in a small area under your seat.



    Only 18 days to go before Silverstone. Even after 16 years still get excited as it gets closer.



    Thanks @caroline12!

    Mick I can’t wait either! It’s my first F1 race in person since Melbourne 2005, so I have very high hopes as the cars have changed so much since then.

    I collected my tickets from the sorting office yesterday, and I see the gates open at 6am now.



    Looking forward to it too. Been to Spa three times this year already and I’m almost getting bored there. Time for another legendary track.

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