Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Where to stay near Silverstone?

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    Keith Collantine

    Where are the best places to stay if you’re going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone?



    Campingf1 is where I am staying, although it has got some good guest speakers I am worried that it is too far away to be worth camping especially with all cold boxes and fold up chairs! I think it is about 1.5-2 miles away from the circuit, however I am not sure how this will fair. They offer a shuttle between the track and campsite and I will obviously be walking on Sunday because I want to get there nice and early, but what about Qualifying? Do you have to get there before 7?
    Thanks Jack



    If you just have a GA ticket (as I did last year) I would imagine that most people stay in the position they found for FP3 which I think starts at 10ish…..I got to a spot at the GA area near Becketts at 9:30ish and had a good spot for FP3, but I didnt feel well so upgraded my ticket for £40 so that I could have a roving grandstand ticket for the Sat…..as there are no reserved seats on Fri/Sat so people where even getting into grandstands around 90minutes before qualifying to get the best seat. As I was alone it meant I could turn up later as there is always single seats spare.



    th13teen, it’s about a 30-45mins walk from CampingF1’s site to the circuit. It’s a bit uphill and the field you cut through to get to Copse entrance can become a quagmire, but it’s not too bad. From what I remember there was still quite a bit of space in the GA areas at 8:30/9am, so finding a good spot should be OK. Though like nickynoonoo I’d spend the extra £40 on the upgrade, managed to snag a seat at the back of Abbey just in time for qualy – the speed the cars carry through there is brilliant to watch :)



    I’m doing Travelodge (£100 for 2 nights family room), and park and ride from Sixfields (£10 per person). Anyone else done the P&R before………do you have to wait/queue for long to get on a bus ? I presume people that have GA tickets will get to Sixfields early…..does it dacker down after the early rush ? Thanks.



    Similarly, I’m looking for a B&B or travelodge type accomodation. With Driving to site on Friday and Park and Ride for Sat & Sun from the M1 side. I’ve got Platinum tickets at Club, so dont need to arrive too early on Sunday. Any suggestions for where to stay? I know i’ve left it quite late and prices will have gone up, but ah well, I’d rather pay more than camp!



    Last year I stayed at the Travelodge at Pear Tree in Oxford and used the Hinton Park & Ride. It wasn’t too far to drive each day and didn’t take too long at all. Although imagine by surprise and slight awkwardness when I arrived back the hotel on Saturday evening dressed in my McLaren gear to get out of my car next to a flock of McLaren mechanics after their so-so qualifying.



    joetoml1n ….. I’ve just checked and there is still availability at both Kettering and Wellingborough Travelodges, both <£50 per night so they've not put their prices up. About a 15-20 minute drive I reckon from Kettering to Sixfields dependng on traffic. I too and driving straight to silverstone on the Friday and P&R on the Sat and Sunday.



    You should try camping, its a great weekend. No early mornings to get to the track, and no worring if your over the DD limit if you have a beer or two. Just get up have breakfast and wander in when you’re ready. Try it.


    I agree with Mick. You can camp yourself at some very decent campsites very close to the circuit so no hassle with driving or you can even have it all done for you. There are at least three companies offering pre-erected camping and they are all different:





    I am thinking of staying at Dadford Road Campsite, 0.5 miles away from the circuit at £60 per pitch for 3 nights! Has anyone been, it does not seem to be a main campsite, yet it seems to have good reviews on the campsite websites?



    I’m looking at going to Dadford too as I only got told last night that I have a pass for Silverstone – I am so excited – this is my first GP – it should be Hungary as I booked that all nice and early and now this happens – I really am going to be a giddy pain at home all weekend! So, if anyone knows any decent nearby places, I’d be more than happy to know – thanks.

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