Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Young Drivers Test, Silverstone

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    I’m thinking of going to the young drivers test at Silverstone. Has any one been before? Is it worth going? I just enquired about camping and was told we might be the only ones there so it sounds like it might not be very popular, any advice would be nice.

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    Keith Collantine

    For those who are planning on doing so, tickets can be bought here:


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    According to Italiaracing, Johnny Cecotto Jr will get a run with Force India, and Sergio Canamasas will get one with Caterham…
    Please, dear God, I hope they don’t get too many km’s. Cecotto is especially surprising. He’s not done even a straight line test this year. Would it not make more sense to have Calado or Rossiter in the car to test new parts?

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    Been to the tyre tests in days gone by, but I think this is going to be a different affair. I’ve bought a ticket for the Thursday and I am going with a few others, but I think the appeal is pretty limited so I’m not expecting a lot of people.

    Best advice I can give you; if you buy a fancy hot dog from one of those stalls they have there, whatever you do don’t go near the damn mustard. Last time I was at Silverstone I made this mistake. Drowned my ‘dog in the stuff, took a big eager bite, then experienced some of the worst pain of my life. My entire sinuses felt like they were on fire, I felt like I’d been pepper sprayed. My eyes were streaming, I was coughing and gagging, trying not to be sick.

    Suffice to say I finished the hotdog of course, but it was one of the most intensely unpleasant experiences of my entire life.

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    Does anyone know what time the testing will start?

    On the website it says: “Please note that there is no timetable for this Event.”

    I would guess it’s 9am-4pm, with a break 1-2pm. But grateful if anyone can confirm.

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    @mazdachris If I ever go to Silverstone, I will take your challenge.

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    James Muscat

    The Silverstone Twitter feed has been pretty good at answering questions these past few days.

    Gates open 8.30am, cars on track from 9am-5pm, presumably with a lunch break in there somewhere, and a pit walk 5-6pm each day for an extra tenner a time.

    This’ll be the first time I’ve ever been to watch F1 cars in action – I’m quite excited :)

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    I took the wrong week off work, would have been a good opportunity to go :(

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