Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Going to the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    That is good advice from S2G-Unit.
    Personally, I would stay away from Crescent for dinner. Great for a drink and a party but for dinner I would be looking for something more relaxed. After a long day in the sun watching racing I usually want a bit of chill time before I get back into the party. I haven’t hung out in the old port during a gp weekend but I imagine it would be a better environment for digesting. If you want to eat closer to Crescent, there are plenty of restaurants just south of St. Catherines on Crescent, Bishop and de la Montagne which will be good but a little quieter.
    I always take the Metro to the race. Being a Montreal resident, I buy a monthly pass anyway. I only find the crowds to be crazy on Sunday after the race. If you are staying close to downtown then the ferry might be best but, if you intend buying a weekend pass for the metro, I would put up with the crowds.
    To each his own, but no matter how you go about doing your weekend, you will have a great time.


    Michael Moran

    Thanks for all the info! I will probably just take the Metro, as I’ll be getting the 3 day Metro Pass when I get in & taking the 747 bus to the condo. The crowds on the Metro can’t be any worse than the buses at Monza….that was brutal! Sunday after the race, I may just hang out at the Casino & grab a bite there. Try to get a bit of sleep when I get back to the condo as I will probably have to leave for the airport around 3AM. Have a 5:45 flight. Would you recommend a taxi or the bus at that time of morning?

    Will probably grab breakfast each morning at the Starbucks as it is in the same block as the condo. The only other place I’ve found is Eggspectation about a block over.



    There are so many restaurants around your Hotel/Crescent. So if you want to be in the action go on Crescent & people watch.

    Like Tony said, it will be quieter in the streets right beside Crescent but obviously not dead or empty.
    If you are able to get into one of the places on Crescent street though, you will enjoy yourself with all the people, the usual performances on stage & atmosphere.

    Let us know when you need more.


    Michael Moran

    I need the next 5 months to go by quickly….lol!

    At least I will have MotoGP at CoTA in April to take my mind off of it for a few days.


    Jeff Carroll

    S2G-Unit Those clips are from inside the track? Wow! A little different than Grand Am/ALMS at Limerock.

    Since I’m driving up from Connecticut, do you know if parking at the Library is safe. Any tips for the Latin Quarter or should I head over to Crescent for nightlife?


    Ben Saylor

    Hi everybody,
    My wife and I are hoping to go to this year’s Canadian GP. I’ve only been following F1 for a year or so and have never been to a race, so I have a lot of (hopefully not too stupid) questions:

    –I was looking at getting a bronze trio, but when I click ‘order,’ I get an ‘this event has passed’ message, so I’m guessing they’re sold out. Assuming that’s the case, what are people’s recommendations out of these grandstands: 22, 31, 33, 34.
    –We’re planning to drive to Montreal but would take public transportation once in the city; will parking our car somewhere for the weekend be a problem? (We’re looking to book a hotel a few miles from the circuit.)
    –How early should we aim for getting to the circuit throughout the weekend?

    Thanks in advance and I’m sorry if these subjects have already been addressed elsewhere on the forum.




    I’ve been once (2012, and my first ever GP), and sat in grandstand 33. The view depends on where your seats are in the stand. I sat on the west end of the stand (section 7), but think that seats at the east end get a longer view of the cars as they approach turn 6. There wasn’t a lot of overtaking there but the cars do slow down so you get a decent view of them and there’s some nice gear-change sounds. You also get a nice view of downtown Montreal across the river, and there’s a wooded area behind the stand which you can sit in between support races and get shelter from the sun, which is full in your face at 33. There’s also a permanent structure nearby which you can shelter under if it rains. The benches are extremely hard to sit on, so it was a relief to climb down and stretch my legs. You can buy seat cushions at the circuit and I’d recommend those over taking your own cushions or pillows – the ones I borrowed from my hotel room weren’t very effective.

    To compare grandstands, I’ve found it best to go to youtube and search “Canadian grand prix grandstand” or similar. Lots of people have posted details of their seats alongside their videos, so you can get a feel for what you’re likely to see.

    How early you get there depends on whether you want to see the support races. It’s quite a walk to some of the grandstands from the metro – my memory may be a bit hazy but I’d suggest allowing 30-40 minutes to be safe. Once you’re at your stand there’s not much (if any) queuing and it’s quite easy to find your seat.



    “whats the price of flights from the UK?
    SBL could be doing this in 2015″

    I’ve been tracking Montreal flights on Kayak for this year, and the cheapest tickets have been on Air Transat (via Canadian Affair) for around £400-500 return. But they only fly once a week.
    I go to Montreal quite often and, if I have enough time, I get a cheap flight to New York then get Amtrak to Montreal. It’s a slow but comfortable train journey (perfect for the day after flying), extremely scenic and pretty cheap. Locals seem to turn their nose up at it (lots of comments about smelly bathrooms, which I’ve never experienced), but I think that might be because public transport isn’t as socially acceptable in the USA as it is in the UK. If you like train travel, it’s great.



    Here is the sister site where you can order your tickets for the Grand Prix:
    “By Phone
    If you have questions regarding a specific event or would like to purchase tickets by phone, please contact us at 1-855-790-1245.”

    Yes those are clips from inside the track between grandstand 21 and 31.

    I wouldn’t worry where you will be eating. Every street has probably at least 5 restaurants of all sorts of foods. If you want something specific & would like to reserve, let us know what you are looking for.
    For your flight, I think that it might be too complicated trying to take a few buses back to the airport. Taxi will be way less of a hassle & you’ll be so tired by the end of the weekend.

    GS 22 is by far the worst grandstand. It is out of the exit of the hairpin where the cars are already on the straight. GS 34 would be my 1st choice (use youtube) then GS 31 will give you some action. Try to get GS 34.
    Don’t worry about parking, There are tons of underground garages where you can park for the weekend. Once you’re downtown a short taxi or walk is all you need.


    Ben Saylor

    @f1antics and @s2g-unit, thanks very much for the replies, very helpful! Time to head over to YouTube…



    The circuit has just announced tickets at $165 for the whole weekend, in the “Popular” grandstand which is “located at the Hairpin exit and the Casino straight entrance” http://www.circuitgillesvilleneuve.ca/

    I can’t load the new circuit map yet – maybe it’s still being developed.

    eta, more info at http://www.circuitgillesvilleneuve.ca/news/la-tribune-populaire-nouveaute-offrte-des-maintenant

    Seats aren’t allocated, but I assume they limit the numbers so seats are at least guaranteed.


    Alex green

    I get the w/end metro ticket and usually hang around the top bar in the casino(has it re-opened yet) until the crowds die down on the sat/sun but after a few cocktails i usually jump in a cab into town


    Emma Brooks

    I’ll be flying from Australia to attend this race, This will be my first time attending the Canadian GP. I try and attend a different race each year and I’m really looking forward to attending this particular race.

    We got the silver 3 stand package if I remember correctly. Fri/Sat in the 2 different stands at the hairpin and then on race day we’re at Turn 1.

    We’ve rented an apartment through Air BnB for 5 days and we’ll be road tripping from Washington. The apartment doesn’t have parking but I assume there will be on street parking or parking garages. We’ll be catching the metro each day to the track and we’re only a 10 minute walk into the main streets of Montreal so doubt we’ll even use the car that much :-)



    Hey, just wondering if anyone knew the around how long it took for tickets to be delivered, I ordered them around 2 weeks ago, and I live on the east coast, US



    Noah, I’m not sure. Last time I went I opted to pick them up from the ticket office, which was just next to the Jean-Drapeau metro station. I think I picked them up on the Thursday, and that it was relatively quick and easy. When I walked past on the other days there didn’t seem to be long queues for tickets then, either. This time I’ve booked hospitality tickets (directly from the circuit) and I have no idea how or when I’ll receive them. They haven’t arrived yet, in the UK.

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