Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Going to the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    Keith Collantine

    Are you going to the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve? Join or start a discussion below and swap notes with other people who are going to this race.

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    John Ward

    Hello All,
    The trio ticket packages are back, they went on sale yesterday and they have the changed the choices of GS, for both the gold & silver they have included GS 1, across from the paddocks.

    I missed last years race, so have a question regarding the new security measures that were supposed to have taken place.
    I read last year, that mono pods were not allowed, so did anyone have an issue with their mono pod or know of any issues?

    Looking forward to this years race, will be buying the silver trio, GS 15, 1 and then GS 12 on Sunday. I always call for the tickets, easier to get what you want.





    I didn’t go last year, so no help I’m afraid. I’m ticketed for GS12 all weekend, but I’ll be on the lookout for anyone interested in swapping for non-race sessions. At least in 2014, tickets were separate for all three days so trading was a breeze.



    My last post vanished. I hope this one does better…

    Can anyone point me to a grandstand (tribune) seating chart. I cannot find one that helps me choose a seat!





    Not sure how much detail you’re looking for. Here’s the official overview of locations:


    Here are some other resources that provide a bit more info on sections, for grandstands where that makes a big difference:


    2011 Canadian Grand Prix discussion


    My tickets arrived today in the special 50th anniversary package. It’s quite impressive! The tickets themselves are quite long, so I’m not sure if they will fit in a standard ticket holder pouch or not.

    Also, I lied a little in my earlier post; I’m sitting in GS11, not GS12 (GS11, Section 1, Row S) if anyone is interested in proposing Friday or Saturday seat swaps :)


    Richard Merrell

    Have two tickets in Grandstand 1, Section 6, Row A that I would be willing to swap on Friday or Saturday to someone in another grandstand.


    Dan Vary

    Will be my first ever Grand Prix. I actually moved from Uk to Montreal last summer (only 2 days after the 2016 Canadian GP), so this is my 1 year Canniversary present to myself. Ended up going with tickets for Grandstand 1, Section 2, Row FF. Decided to take more expensive ones this year (while I could afford it) and then will use this year to scout out better spots for following years.

    I’ve got a feeling I won’t be getting much sleep, as apparently there has often been a fanzone right outside of where my apartment is in previous years, but can’t wait to see the city come to life for the race though.


    John Ward

    The city does come to life, plenty to do and see, I am sure you will enjoy. I plan to buy my tickets very shortly.





    I’m similarly a displaced Brit (though currently in Detroit, Michigan). 2014 Canadian Grand Prix was my first time in Montreal, and it’s a fabulous city! Very excited to be visiting for a longer stay this time.


    John Ward

    Just bought my tickets, was on the official web site checking out what was available and noticed there were no trio packages available and I was planning on purchasing the silver package. So I called and spoke to a nice lady (who is also going), she checked and informed me that the platinum packages are available, which is GS1 on Fri, GS12 on Sat and GS15 on race day, she also placed me high up so I am not looking through the fencing, she was very helpful.
    So my tip to all, don’t believe the web site with regards to tickets and if you want to sit in a good seat, call ahead and speak to someone.
    Looking forward to the weekend, staying at the McGill Uni. residence $75/night, leaving the car at home and taking the train, station is 10 min walk to the residence and 5 min. to the Metro and close to the fan zone.




    If anyone has a ticket that will be going to waste, for any of the three days, let me know — I’ll gladly make use of it!<br />
    I posted the same thing here a couple years ago and a follow F1Fanatic came through and I got to attend the rain-soaked Friday practice… that’s the year airplanes skidded off the runway at the airport.<br />
    Still, the miserable weather and getting soaked to my underwear was worth it just to see and hear the cars up close.</p>
    <p>And for those going: Have fun!



    Went to the open day today! I found it difficult to find information on when to arrive, so for reference here’s what I experienced:

    • Arrived at Jean-Drapeau via Metro at ~7:40am; within the first 40 people to arrive.
    • Transfer via bus started at dead on 9:00am.
    • First drivers came out to sign around 9:45am.

    After the bus transfer I was approximately 10th in line for meeting the drivers. The Sauber pair came out first, so I met and chatted with them briefly before being shuffled along. Be aware that being early doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get to see the driver you want, and set expectations accordingly (kid in front of me was pretty upset he didn’t get to meet Hamilton :/).

    The pit lane walk was pretty neat. All team garages were open. The majority of team pit walls were visible. Some teams had bodywork sitting out in the pit lane, others had everything inside. A few engines were fired up here and there, but mostly it was quiet.


    Eric Ok

    Some of my photos from the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix:

    Ricciardo Shoey


    Eric Ok

    OK, one more try. Some of my photos from the Canadian Grand Prix:</p>

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