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Going to the German Grand Prix at Hockenheimring

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Group for fans going to the German Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring.

Going to the 2014 German Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring

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    Keith Collantine

    Discussion area for people going to the 2014 German Grand Prix.

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    Phil Way

    Booked for next July 2014, any reccomendations on campsites. Will have a car but would be keen to be in walking distance of the track. Is it best to book in advance or pay on arrival.

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    Andrew jones

    Just booked tickets for me and my 3 buddies. Nordtribune A zone 4-6 low. First trip to the Hockenheimring.
    Will take the car and camp.

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    Mark O’Donnell

    All booked – tickets arrived about 3 weeks ago. Sitting in Mercedes Tribune – lower tier. Not booked camping yet, but will probably go for C as looks closest to the track.

    I have 2 spare Mercedes Tribune tickets for sale – a pair for 500 quid. These are prime seats – on the edge of the grandstand so you can see the cars from turn 3 all the way up to the hairpin and back towards and round the infield section. Cost 300 quid each including delivery etc……email me at

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    We are thinking about going with the Ferrari. Does anybody know if there’s a special parking lot to leave the car safely?


    Also going to Hockenheim for the 1st time. Booked the Innertribune without any real advice. Hoping for a good view. Taking the car and any tips for parking much appreciated. Tks

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    Got my tickets last week, so stoked! Sitting in the Sudtribune! Also my first time… I’m so excited, can hardly contain myself :)

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    This will be my third time to hockenheim, seated in sudtribune e, having previously sat ininnertribune a and nordtribune b .

    In terms of special parking i know Nurburgring defginetly did, so i would assum hockenhiem would have something similar, there is an area behind the ‘main’ stand that always has nice cars like ferraris maseratis, porsche etc parked there, but it is not secure and people are able to touch photo etc

    In terms of camping the main campsite c3 has a large 2 lane wide concrete park running through it, this becomes the main walkway for getting to the circuit for everyone that arrives by coach, therfore i wouldnt advise leaving any valuables at all. I have never camped there, but walking through in the morning there looks to be quite a few party campers, but there is definitely a great atmosphere, there is a solid structure about halfway through the campsite that is a bar, however anymore than that i cant say

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    I’m going to Hockenheim for my first GP. Have booked seats in Sudtribune C Low so hoping it will be a good view of the Stadium section. I’m camping from Wednesday night through to Sunday, has anyone got any advice on what to do during the downtime? Want to get the most out of it.

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    Keith Collantine

    If you’re going to the race this year and plan to tweet from the track do let us know what your Twitter handle is as @bbudna and I will be on the look-out for top tweets, pictures and videos to include in the Grand Prix in Tweets articles:

    2014 British Grand Prix Friday in Tweets
    2014 British Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets
    2014 British Grand Prix Sunday in Tweets

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    Andrew jones

    Keith we will be there this weekend. I’m @andynjones and I’ll be with @PhilAstley1 and @skinnerdavid24

    We will be camping in C3 Thursday to Monday. Any other Brits on site please come and say hello and share a beer or 2 :) it should be quite a party atmosphere

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