Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Going to the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring

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    live here in budapest – just want to go to qualifying, can i just pay on the day as cant seem to find where to buy tickets just for the saturday? can anyone help?


    Florian Georgescu

    @christopherf1 – I think I’ll be in Hungary on wednesday. I will stay on Valence (about 60 km from the track) and I will be traveling by car every day (fri-sun).


    Daniel Lavender

    @taipan – thanks new you guys wouldn’t let me down.


    David Mitchell

    Hi Guys,

    We have decided to get the train to the circuit and a bit confused at which train stop is best? As far as I can see from this forum and the Hungarian F1 info page that there are three train stations, Mogyorod, Szilasliget, and Hungaroring.

    Which one is best? I understand Mogyorod is about an hours walk and Szilasliget is a 30 minute walk? Assuming the Hungaroring stop is even closer but it is a dirt track. Is the dirt track really that bad, seems to suggest that on all the sites but that info might be outdated.

    Any up to date information would be much appreciated.




    Jane Smith

    @florian That is too bad…hope you get them on time. To be honest I found it easier to book with the circuit direct as I can COLLECT from the main gate. Also saves on delivery Euros to the UK.


    Florian Georgescu

    @jane Smith – If I don’t get the ticket I’ll go anyway and buy one from the track. Then I will see what can I do to get my money back from the obline ticket.
    See you at the race. Cheers.


    Daniel Martinez

    Hi guys,
    I’m going to the race! I have general admision for three days and I rented a flat in 7th district. I’d like to know if someone wants to share car/taxi/train etc. to the circuit and if there is a “reunion point” to F1Fanatics to meet you.
    I’ll have a second room in the flat if somebody need it.
    Is my third time in Budapest and the city is really great!
    Hope to a great WE and see you at the race.


    This is mine and the girlfriends first ever Grand Prix, we fly out on Thursday from Stansted and come back on Tuesday.

    I only bought GA tickets, iif I am honest, I am expecting disappointment when it comes to keeping track of the race, so would sooner go expecting to just absorb the atmosphere and being around the F1 circus.

    Can I ask about What time to get there? is the F1 race the only event? or do other cars race also?

    If your at stansted on Thursday then say hi to a big balding bloke with glasses and a red McLaren hat :)



    Florian Georgescu

    @simon Kelshaw – Here is the complete schedule.
    I was last year at Monza and I was impressed by the noise of F1 cars.
    It’s awsome. You’ll enjoy the show.
    I spoke again on the phone with gptickets.com and they said monday will receive the tickets and tuesday will arrive here in Romania


    Many thanks seems obvious now you posted :)

    Its the noise and atmosphere I am looking forward to


    James banks

    @daniel Martinez we have rented an apartment in 5th district and would be glad to sort some joint travel arrangements out.


    Jane Smith

    @simon You will get atmosphere aplenty :) I have followed F1 for around fifteen years now and attend 2-5 races a year, depending on how flush I am….Silverstone, Spa, Magny Cours, Istanbul, Spain, Hungaroring, Hockenheim, Nurburgring, Istanbul, Monza and Singapore….all heaven! :) Set to record the race before you go. I take my ipod nano and listen, with one earbud in, to the race commentary. I tried a Kangaroo, before fanvision took them over, but couldn’t get on with it….too much fiddling about! Enjoy your first race, hope you get hooked :)



    anyone else going hoping for some nicer weather?
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/3054643/extended – bit of rain over the race weekend possible!

    remember the race last year had a sprinkling at the start and made it quite interesting – would prefer dry and sunny though as a spectator at the circuit in a uncovered grandstand!


    Pavel Soucek

    @jane Smith Hi, I’m going on my first GP to Hungary next week. How can you tune to the race comentary?


    ross bell

    forecast is looking hot and wet! Leaving tomorrow!

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