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Going to the Indian Grand Prix at Buddh International Circuit

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Group for fans going to the Indian Grand Prix at Buddh International Circuit.

Note this race is not on the 2014 F1 calendar.

Which stand to choose in Indian GP?

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    Hello friends,
    Thanks in advance. I need some advice from F1 enthusiasts. I have to choose the stand for Indian F1 GP 2012. Previous year I attended the race from “Natural Stand South” and this year I want to increase my viewing pleasure. As per the cost I am looking into Classic stands:
    Classic Stand 1 West
    Classic Stand 2 West
    Classic Stand North
    Classic Stand East

    Here are the details:

    I believe “Classic Stand 2 West” will have more track coverage.
    “Classic Stand North” will have more overtaking chances. But I am not sure if I might get any view of main area near “Main Grand Stand” from here.

    I appreciate any views.


    i saw the race from ‘Natural Stand South’ too last year and this year i am thinking of taking tickets in the ‘Classic Stand North’. there should be more overtakings at turn 3 and i am hoping we can see turn 1 from there.
    Not sure but.

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    Today I am going to watch TV recording of 2011 race. I think I will get a clearer picture about which stand to choose.

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    I was sitting at classic stand east. Right at the hairpin at the end of the long straight. I was expecting more action on that corner, and was underwhelmed by my choice.

    I would suggest Classic Stand West as it seems to have the largest view and the fastest long corner on the entire circuit.

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    Hi Todfod,

    As per your experience at Classic Stand East, could you please tell,
    Were the people sitting during the final race and were you able to enjoy the race easily from your seat?
    Could you get any clear view of cars inside the Main Grand Stand?

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    Hi, I am also going to India this year and am very intereasted in your views of which stands would be best ?, I can not afford the main stand but was thinking about the star stands east or the classic stand north.
    Any views would be helpfull and many thanks.

    Wexcaz, did you watch the recording and have you a better idea of which stand?

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    Urooz Virk

    hey everyone, i was at the Classic Stand West 1 last year and i quite enjoyed the view from there. here iare the links to a video and the photos i shot.

    this year im thinking of going for the Classic Stand East. im more keen on seeing the cars negotiating flowing corners rather than zooming by.

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    Hi Gary,

    Yes I watched the videos. Here are my preferences:
    1. Picnic stand North: View of cars coming from the main stand and view of cars negotiating T1, T2, and T3 turns. But there are no seats.

    2. Classic Stand North: View of cars overtaking at T3 and speeding upto maximum.

    3. East Star Stands 1,2,3: View of cars coming at max speed, breaking, T4 and again speeding. Nice view of max length of track.

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    I was at classic stand east last year. From there you can get a good view of Turn 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, then you see car starting to vanish from Turn 15 in to Turn 16. If you’re able to get the seat higher tier, you can look back to Turn 4 as well. You can’t see the cars in main grand stand from here though, but the giant screen is right in front so that compensates for it.

    Here you get a good view of the car entering the slow corners T5, T6 & T7 (this was where Massa n Hamilton kissed) and see the drivers muscle the car through these technical corners (and kicking up dirt when they go off track) and then see them zoom in turn 11, 12 & 13.

    If you want to see F1 cars at top speed, this not the place you want to be in. Also, sun will in your face all the time ;)

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    I watched the race last yr from ‘Classic Stand North’ just after Turn 3 and it was quite nice.. although I have to warn that the issue there was the big screen.. Folks on the left side of the stand would hardly know anything as the screen is more towards the right (towards Turn 3) and the issue is while booking tickets last year the website didn’t give any options of seat selection, meaning that you are at their mercy to allot seats which means there is no guarantee on getting a seat near the screen.. However not many really followed their seat numbers, so in case you get a seat on the left then you might want to move to the right, near the screen to try and be a part of the action on the other parts of the circuit as well, but then this move might result in you being asked to move out when the rightful ticket-holder comes there :)

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    Hi Last time I was in Star Stand 1 East and was quite happy to be at the end of the long straight. However, the seat we were in were in the lower section, closer to the track. And the view wasn’t so great. The seats at the top work out better. Unfortunately i don’t have the series and am not sure if “A” is closer to the circuit. Can anybody help?

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    @djbasumatari “A” is closer to the track i.e. lower section. Last time I had row “W” and it was way at top.

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