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Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

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Group for fans going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo.

Going to the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

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    Thank you Caroline for your input. Is there a website where I can find out about the hospitality events?? (am so dumb + have no idea where to look!!)
    Thank you :)

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    Caroline Miles

    Hi Teresa

    You’re not dumb. These forums are great for picking up tips, as if one person doesn’t know, another does. That is all we have done for races we have attended the first time, as it is great for getting as much info as possible. There are loads of companies that offer hospitality – we have booked via, Just Tickets and Fugare F1 previously (Ed tends to contribute to the forum on a regular basis so may put a reply up anyway) but there are loads of other companies offering hospitality and you can find these just by doing an internet search. The only advice I would give is to suggest you make sure you go with a reputable company for anything like this.

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    Sorry another question about taking the boat from Nice – I’m staying out at Frejus and was going to take the train as I have done before to Monaco. But was thinking it may be nice to drive to Nice then get the boat, does any one know what traffic would be like on the Sun morning and also if there is any parking near where the boat departs?

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    Caroline Miles

    From what I can remember the traffic on the Sunday in Nice the last few years has not been too bad, may be due to the time the boat leaves on race day. There is a car park at the top of the hill by the harbour if you travel up to the harbour from the Promenade Des Anglais and then it is a quick 2-3 minute walk down to the boat departure point although I am not sure if there are restrictions on the car park eg time limits, need a pass. I am sure if you contact the boat company they would be able to give you more information on the parking (the link is on an earlier e-mail I believe.)


    Had a nosey at the Hospitality Events. Due to working part-time, its taking all my money to pay the hotel, flights + tickets so will not be able to “do” hospitality :( Will figure out something extra for the hubby. He has always wanted to stay at the Hotel De Paris so am looking at a night there after the Grand Prix is finished.

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    Caroline Miles

    Hi Teresa

    Hospitality on Thursday is far cheaper and actually in my opinion better, would much rather be in the thick of it with the fans on qualifying and race day. That is of course if you plan to be there on the Thursday. There are some really good deals on Thursday and you get all the benefits at a fraction of the cost, which is what we do.

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    Hiya, am off to monaco in 3 weeks. complete newbie, staying in nice for a week but have tickets for thurs (grandstand) fi, sat (roche).. know we can catch the train to monaco, but thats about it, any tips ideas or things to aviod wud be much appreiciated..Thank you


    Hiya Caroline

    We would be flying in on the Thursday so not sure what we can do. Will check nearer the time + see what prices come up. Thank you :)

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    Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’ve booked to take my husband for his 40th birthdays, he will find out about it a week before we fly out. I’ve never been to a GP so very excited. Can you walk the full track over the weekend? Arrive Thursday and leave on Monday. Got seats in Casino Sqaure, think that’s where he wanted to sit, will this be good?


    Hi, I have 1 x General Admission – Z1 (Adult) Sunday ticket for sale at the price I paid £112 + delivery. I was planning to go when I booked the ticket last year but I am now unable to go. I watched the 2011 monaco grand prix from here and can highly recommend it.


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    Rob Lawrie

    Hi, new member here!

    In tribune N for this years race, first live f1 experience after nearly 30 years watching it, so very excited.

    Have got Accom in sanremo and tix for thurs and Sunday.

    Any tips on where to get real world priced entertainment in the evenings? Seen the corp stuff and it’s just ludicrous!

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    Hi, ive made plans to go to the Monaco grand prix (flights bought etc) and been let down by a friend who cannot now go so leaving me with huge hotel costs etc. anyone out there know anyone who may have spare accomodation to rent at sensible prices in Nice or Monaco? if I cannot find something I will have to cancel the trip ;-( so any leads for accomodation much appreciated!! Im a single 46 Y.O. british guy living in Hertfordshire, been looking forward to this all year. thanks

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    still looking for 2 tickets for Sunday (I have only for qualy). PLease contact

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    Hi Guys

    Getting really excited now :) I’m going on my own and staying in Nice, arriving Friday and leaving Monday evening, are there any bars etc in Nice where other Brits are likely to go? anyone want to meet up? I’m in K6 23 ZE for Saturday and Sunday.

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    Is there any point taking a personal AM/FM radio for English commentary at the track, or is it just Fanvision? TIA.

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