Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Going to the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

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    Caroline Miles

    We have tried to find this out in previous years and drawn a blank , think the only commentary in English is that that you get at the circuit (which is difficult to hear due to the noise of the cars) or Fanvision.



    Thanks, Caroline. Will take the radio just in case :)



    it’s so loud, its impossible without seeing a screen!



    Good to see so many people going from here. I have had to shuffle my plans but will still hopefully get there for GP2 on Friday. I understand this is free?

    After our plans have changed I would be interested in x2 qualy tickets if anyone needs to get rid off some. Thanks


    lee hall

    hi everyone.
    i have 2 grandstand p tickets for qualifying on saturday and 2 grandstand t lower tickets for sunday. which i have to pick up from gatwick airport on friday.
    only problem is i just found out i have cancer and have to go for an operation on wed 30th may and have to be off work for 6 weeks afterwards. being self employed, this means money will be very tight.
    therefore reluctantly i am thinking of selling my tickets. me and my wife will still be going for the weekend, but just to relax before my op.
    could anyone tell me whether i will find it difficult to sell my tickets, or quite easy. i’m only looking for the face value. any help would be great. cheers.



    Afternoon all.. Back from a 4 day weekend in Monaco that matched/exceeded all my expectations (except for the race itself, but that’s a discussion for elsewhere!). Based on feedback on this forum, we stayed in Nice and got the train in each day (early morning starts to avoid the crush). Watched quali from Low T and the race from N. Both excellent, as we got to see some pit action on the Saturday, then I don’t think I’d want to be anywhere else for the race rather than in the swimming pool complex. We also got to meet Seb V after wandering out to the RedBull paddock after the race, so the missus is pleased too!
    This was meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for my 40th, but I’m already planning next year! A question for you all.. are there any hotels in Monaco itself that are “reasonable” (sub 100e per night) ?? I would like to not have to worry about 9:40 being the last train home and also not having to get up early to avoid the rush.


    Keith Collantine

    Thanks very much to everyone who contributed to this thread. I hope you all had fun at the Monaco Grand Prix.

    This thread is now closed and a new thread for next year’s race has just been opened:

    Going to the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

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