Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Non-ticket viewing spots for Monaco GP

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    Hi all,

    Thinking of a fun trip to Nice around the end of May, in time for Monaco GP. I remember from TV coverage that there is a big hill where lots of spectators sit, and have a view of the track. Lots of fans sitting on grass, looks quite fun.

    Anyone have any idea where/what this hill is? If so, is it worth the trip into Monaco to see? We’ve got a small boat that we intend on being on for the Friday or Saturday, somewhere nearby, but would be great to get a free spectator spot near the track (if it’s worth it!)



    Caroline Miles

    Hi Steve

    Unfortunately the hill you refer to is not free viewing. This is the general admission ticket area. Monaco have made sure that unless you pay for a ticket, or purchase hospitality packages, you cannot see any of the on track action – they even have screens up on the streets. You may get a glimpse up at the palace (I do not believe you have to pay for that) but I would guess without binoculars you will not see anything and if you are not on the front row, which is very, very limited space, it is a waste of time.



    Is it possible to enter the general admission area with normal tickets hence theese are more expensive? Or do I need to buy a general admission ticket aswell? Cause I got tickets to 3 diffrent sections during the weekend and I was thinking of watching FP2 from the General Admission stand. Is this possible?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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