Going to the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay

Going to the 2013 Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay

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    I’ll be there (like I’ve been every year), will be at Stamford this year. I actually attended the Hungarian Grand Prix this year too, was a wholly different experience, but there’s nothing like home :)

    I’ll be there all three days, always up for a beer with anyone. Drop me a message here or on twitter (exact same username). Alternatively, just say hi to a Chinese guy with a Ferrari flag and Alonso cap and there’s a decent chance it’ll be me.



    Ha! Are you following me a around, I was at the Hungaroring this year too. Was is Gold 4 with 2 friends, where were you sitting?
    I only only go to 1 GP a year now, last year I was at Silverstone, next year hopefully back in Singapore.



    Wow! I was at Silver 2, right at the start/finish line. You must have been pleased with the Hamilton win, or were you rooting for the McLarens? I was with some business partners, one of them was local, but they were all going to their first F1 race besides me. Unfortunately, the main thing that they all remembered from the race was the absolute nightmare queuing two hours, ten abreast, in ~40deg heat for the taxi to get out of the circuit!



    Hi Everyone,

    I am going to the Singapore GP for the first time, my first F1 GP! Im coming from Australia and I have a few questions…

    1. Can you buy hearing protection at the track, and how much do they cost? Is it cheaper to buy ear protection somewhere else?
    2. Where can you get drivers autographs?
    3. I am at Turn 1 A7 for the race, can I get onto the track to watch the presentation after the race?
    4. Is there someway to keep track of the race/qualy times and positions at the track?
    5. Wheres the best place to get a mobile phone for the weekend?
    6. Any other tips?

    Thanks, hope someone/everyone can help me.


    Look Ahead


    Welcome to Singapore and here’s a little tip to help you enjoy the Singapore Grand Prix more.

    1) In the short stretch between Turn 19 and 20, you can see the cars exit from under the Bay grandstand. Itself a a novel sight. But what’s better is the sight of the cars slipping and sliding precariously by the wall as the drivers step on the power on corner exit but struggling for grip.

    2) The back straight between Turn 6 and 7 is the fastest part of the circuit. It’s a non-fan, non-ticketed area so the track is boarded up. But try to find somewhere to climb up (a tree?) to see the cars speed past with sparks trailing. At this place, you will be right by the track (I really mean RIGHT BY the track). You will FEEL the cars via your feet and you will ‘hear’ the cars with your heart. You have to be there to know what I mean. I imagine it is just like being at the Monaco tunnel.

    3) Most of the overtaking takes place at Turn 7 so that’s where the action is.

    Lastly, a thumbs up to the FIA for finally removing the Mickey Mouse chicane at Turn 10.



    Hi Josh,
    1) ear plugs and a poncho available inside the circuit for a $2 donation to charity. If you want ear defender there always seem to be people selling them including those with built in radios, but no doubt they will be cheaper elsewhere.
    2) gate 2 is your best bet or if you stake out the hotel lobbies. There is an autograph session but it’s ticketed for paddock club types and competition winners only.
    3) maybe may be not, in some years they open up a bit of the fencing in Zone 1 to allow people to walk back to the Zone 4 for the after race concert and relieve congestion along the walkways.
    4) Soft Pauer F1 app for OS or Android. There is no Fanvision in F1 for 2013.
    5) you can buy a SIM with airtime from the money changers at the airport when you arrive or any 7-11 or phone shop in town to use with your own phone. You need to have your passport with you in order to buy a SIM. 7-11 often sell cheap throwaway phone otherwise.
    6) have a look here for more tips that I have written…




    Thanks mankster. Do you have to wear shoes? Or can I wear my thongs/flipflops or sandals?



    You can wear what you like. But walking through wet mud ( in the high traffic areas where the grass gets worn down) after it rains is not fun with flip flops. The main concerts are in a grass field too



    Tickets are on course to sell out on the website (most categories are sold out or have limited availability), but do remember that they keep some reserve tickets at the gates (supposedly to combat re-selling) and you get still buy them there.

    Keeping fingers crossed for some dry running during practice sessions. Note that this year’s Saturday programme is an hour earlier: FP3 is at 6pm instead of 7pm (same time as FP1, which means it’ll be run in mostly daylight), and qualifying is at 9pm instead of 10pm. I’ve always liked the 6-7pm running since it shows the city and cars in a different light (and I usually miss FP1 due to work), so it works out well for me.



    Off to my first live race weekend today. I was wondering whether they sell ticket upgrades on the day?



    You’ll have to ask at the gates, no idea. They do sell tickets across all categories though, it might be worth a shot.



    Question for those who have sat at Pit/Turns 1 or 2 Grandstand: Where exactly do they open the track for the fans to invade for the podium ceremony? From what I saw yesterday it looked like the area where the Pit Grandstand (A22) meets Turn 1 Grandstand. Is that correct? Does anyone know if they open the other side (Pit Grandstand A1 area) as well?

    Will probably be buying a Zone 1 ticket next year, looking at my options.



    They open a gate right at the end of the T1 grandstand just where the public viewing platform is across from the pit exit lane. That’s right under the bridge. They also open a gate right across from the podium. Usually a big crush but worth it. You can then walk from there down to turn 20 and then to the Promenade MRT or go through to Padang stage or across the bridge to Marina Sands.

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