Going to the Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

Getting back to the airport after the race on Sunday

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    Guys I will really appreciate your help..

    I am off to Spain Grand prix next year with my 55 years old father-in-law. I have booked the tickets and we will be at Stand J…..which we are both looking forward to it

    This is the plan:
    * Flight from Liverpool to Barcelona on Thursday…..we will not be attending the Track walk
    * Friday morning, practice session using the Sagalës bus service for the return trip. http://www.sagales.com/en-web-8_formula-1-circuit-de-catalunya.html
    * Saturday will be same as Friday
    * Sunday we will check out at hotel in the morning….get the Sagalës bus to the track
    *****After the race on Sunday I am aware there will be a huge flow of people going home…..this is where my dilemma begins…… our flight from Barcelona is 10:45pm on Sunday, I will not want to miss it. Would you guys recommend we get a taxi straight to the airport or use the return ticket back to Barcelona on the Bus and train or bus to airport from the city?…..I am concerned about the coaches being slow or getting stuck in traffic jam.

    It’s the first time he will be attending a race and second time off being out of the country and I don’t want him to have a bad experience and I’m also trying to wrap in cotton wool…..he uses crutch as a walking aid and the last thing I want for him is to regret the experience

    If it was me and the mates I wouldn’t worry about this at all but I want him to enjoy it

    I really appreciate your time in reading about my my concerns and seeking ur opinions and advice



    @Ty I really wouldn’t worry. The bus service from the track back to Barcelona is excellent. Yes after the race we had to queue a bit to get one but there are plenty of them all lined up ready to go, and its only about an hour even in traffic. I can’t believe you won’t be back in the city in plenty of time. If I were you I would leave my bags at the hotel get the bus back to the city, pick bags up and get the train to the station. If you intend having your bags with you on the Sunday then there is a tube station (Tetuan) about 2 minutes walk from the bus stop. From there its 9 stops to Gornal and then change train and 2 stops to the airport. I would think if you went straight there after the race you’d be there in time for a beer or 6.
    Hope this helps.

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