Going to the Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

Going to the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

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    Ian Lockwood

    I’ve not been for a good few years, but am going back in 2013. We will be staying on the coast in Santa Susanna and getting a coach to the circuit. The RACC offer packages doing this which I have used in the past. I have also come across http://www.montmelotickets.com who appear to have good packages at a good price.

    Has anyone ever used these people?



    The reason the grandstand tickets are relatively cheap is because the GA areas are good – plus they had loads of empty seats this year.

    I’ve sat in the main stand oposite the pits and I’ve sat in GA. To see the whole circuit etc is great on Thur/Fri and Sat morning, and GA will get you into some stands on these days.

    I now prefer to save the grandstand fee and spend 65 Eiro’s on a fanvision TV which you have for 3 whole days, sit in GA – get a headphone splitter and take a spare pair of headphones if there is 2 of you (they charge 10Euro for a splitter and 10 for extra headphones).


    Sandu Fakeru

    Has anyone before collected the tickets on arrival at the circuit?
    I just bought 2 tickets from here: http://www.ticketmaster.es/nav/en/deportes/montmelo/circuit_de_catalunya_990z/f-1_gran_premio_espanya_santander_2013/index.html
    but no “printing at home” option was available during acquisition. Can’t contact them because can’t find where I can do that…



    Booked up for 2013…. :)

    There are 4 in our group, myself, my two brothers and one of their wives (the other wives preferred to go to the beach)…

    We’ve booked tickets for Grandstand H with a view of the ’stadium’ section and directly opposite the chicane just before the final corner onto the pit straight and the pit entry. We got our tickets from http://www.circuitcat.com/en/ booking was very easy and the tickets are ”PRINT AT HOME” so no issues with collections.

    If you’re wanting to go I suggest getting on with it. We found that the best flights from Heathrow were nearly full. We are making a holiday of it so we booked a central Barcelona hotel and will be staying a week. We found that many of the good cost effective hotels were booked so you’ll either be going down market or paying high prices or staying a long way away.

    We’ve all been to Barcelona before but its a great place so there will be 3 couples going and over the week we’ll have fun at the GP and everyone will have something to enjoy :) :)


    chris c

    Just bought tickets for grandstand L from the circuit website and took the print at home option for the tickets but im a little concerned that its only one ticket for the two seats and it doesnt state the grandstand on the ticket does anyone else think is a bit strange?



    My print at home tickets had one page per ticket, and the ticket included the grandstand the block code, row and seat number…. look for “TRIBUNA L”… TRIBUNA is spanish for grandstand


    chris c

    just downloaded the ticket again and its the same it has the seat numbers but no grandstand or tribuna information. Goin to email the circuit to see if they can help



    How is everyone getting on with flights?

    Im struggling to find anything especially from Aberdeenshire where airports are few and far between.

    Any hints?



    Can anyone recommend specific hotels? Preferably in Barcelona itself? Thanks



    Hi, I am thinking about attending the testing session in Feb.. Has anyone every been? do you get access to pretty much all the grandstands and general admin area?


    Keith Collantine

    @benedict This is a thread for people going to the Grand Prix. I’ve started a new thread for you on the test here:

    Going to 2013 F1 testing at the Circuit de Catalunya



    I’ve just booked my flights for the second year running. Last year was fantastic from the pit walks Thursday right through to the Sundays. I found the the Thursday pit walk far better than the afternoon, it was far less busy and we got to meet a number of drivers with ease, as they prepared to walk the circuit. Driving to the circuit was easy – take note Silverstone. Sundays was the worse post race – 1/2hr at most before we were on free flowing motorway. This I noticed your race ticket also gets you free entry to the international motor Show for those with a day or so spare. Also consider staying on the Costa Brava – far cheaper than Barcelona



    Just booked for this……5 days in Santa Susannah :-)
    It’s a package tour, as I’m a single female, it just seems the easiest option, although I’m well travelled as a singleton. I’m opting for grandstand D (high).
    Going with Grandstand motor tours who I went with to the Italian Grand Prix last year and had an absolutely fabulous time :-)



    Hi everyone,

    I have bought my tickets from official formula 1 site. (www.formula1.com) I have purchased tickets and paid in full for weekend pass for grandstand J. Its says on email confirmation that I have purchased vouchers and these can be exchanged at the circuit for actual formula one tickets. It also says that If a category is sold out, GPT has the right to provide a ticket on another stand in the same category. Does this mean I don’t actually have my tickets yet and when I get there it could be sold out?

    I’m confused, if anyone can help really appreciate it!
    Thanks, Louise.


    Alex green

    @mrgrieves ryan air have a direct service to barca from edinburgh,or easy jet to london from abz and onwards from there,if its really pricey look into flying to another spanish airport and catching the train to barca again book in advance makes it cheap,i paid 25 euros return from valencia

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