Going to the Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

Going to the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

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    Can’t say about mollet del valles but I did speak to camping F1 before I booked and they told me there wasn’t anything at the campsite as everything was in the circuit.
    With the track so close to Barcelona and plenty of regular transport to the track over the weekend I would look at staying in town.



    Thanks mike



    That’s it, all done. Am really looking forward to a great week. Driving down to Barcelona with my son early Wed morning stopping off in Paris to go up the Eiffel tower, then overnighting half way down France. Going to drive over Andorra and down into Barca Thur. Hotel and parking booked as is bus tickets for 3 days to track. Looking forward to a great race and a few beers, then on way back stopping in France on the Mon night before heading back home for Tue evening. Can’t wait………….

    Then 6 weeks later its off to Silverstone for the annual (14th year in a row) pilgrimage.



    i stayed last year at a campsite at the circuit “camping/parking green” i think it was called. its bookable through bookf1.com and costs £40 thurs- mon pitch only! some people even arrive on wed. its a pretty good site. yes porta loos but the shower facilities were free and good! as bars shops etc round the circuit there arnt any grrrr! i traveled by my self with no transport by train from barc and then taxi to site cost 12euro. There a few cafe bars in montmelo my fave was near policestation and had free wifi i used go into town get bits and bobs from suermarket have afew beers and check fb etc! luckly i got lifts most night from brits i camped next to but one night stayed out for longer and got taxi back gone midnight it cost 25 euros! If traveling alone i would suggest hiring a car if camping for a run into town of an evening if theres a few i suppose taxi wouldnt be too bad but did find hard to come by later at night! Any other questions i might be able to help with let me know!

    if you dont want to cart camping gear and need just the basics theres a decathlon just of las ramblas in barc where you can pic up a pop up tent etc!

    good luck



    Ryan Day

    Its my first time at the barcelona gp ! A few questions to ask if anyone can help –
    Me and my girlfriend are staying in santa susana for a week and plan on going to the track thursday and sunday. i am booking the shuttle bus for sunday but can anyone suggest the cheapest/easiest way to travel there on thursday ?
    How early should i be at the track on race day so i am not stuck in massive ques to get to my seat (grandstand A) ?
    Thanks Ryan



    I have booked tickets with ‘bookf1.com’ they say that they will post out my tickets once the circuit has printed them (usually 3-4 weeks prior to the race) but I am anxious as I can see some of you have already got your tickets…can anyone put my mind at ease, has anyone purchased their tickets from this site before? I booked these back in Sept and am now getting concerned as May approaches.
    Many thanks :)


    Alex green

    @nicola ive used them before they are ok,usually is 3-4 weeks before they arrive



    Nicola- Yes I have used Book F1 before and they were great. Yes, only 2-4 weeks before is correct, which can be an issue if you are travelling.

    We booked them for Japan last year, and I wanted the GP to be last on our tour ( a bit of the big build up thing) so really if we had them sent to Australia it could have literally been 2-3 days before we left- not good.

    Fortunatley for us my wife’s friend is in Toyko so got them sent to her. I assume if someone is away travelling and will rock up to the race they make alowances for that, pick up at the gates maybe??”

    I am going to Melbourne next week (YEH!!) and got my tickets this Wednesday, just one week before (and I am 800km away from Melbourne), so not uncommon so dont stress – enjoy the race :)



    Chris Mottram

    Ive used BookF1 aswell. A friend of mine recommended them saying they provide a top quality service.


    chris c

    ok im really getting worried now over the last 3 months i have emailed the circuit 3 times and no reply. I have bought 2 tickets for grandstand L and selected print at home but the email with the pdf file only had one ticket with the details of the seat numbers and rows but not the grandstand. I hope that i’ll be able to exchange this ticket for two when i get to the track.

    this is a mock up of the ticket i got ticket

    Did anyone receive the same ticket after selecting the print at home option



    I bought 4 tickets in December last year through the circuits website and the print at home option as it is the only option they had. Is there a way to verify that tickets? And can you exchange the printed tickets at the track for the real F1 tickets? Thanks.

    @chris c – Also mailed the track and got no reply yet. Although my tickets looks 100% completed with all info + map of circuit with barcode on it. Doesn’t look like anything is missing. It is one pdf with 4 tickets in it and states which grandstand + row + number it is for all 4 tickets.




    That mock up doesn’t look like what I received. The PDF I received didn’t have QR codes – it had barcodes but it did have 4 pages in the PDF with four separate tickets, one on each page.

    The covering email had a customer service link including a page where you can log in to your account and reprint the tickets.

    “In case of trouble receiving the PDF file you can access your personal zone and we will send them to you again. For security reasons, we can only send your tickets to the email address you provided when you purchased them.”



    @chris Also…

    “If you have not printed the tickets during the checkout process you can do so at any time by accessing the section Print tickets you’ll find at the bottom of our home page, from which you provide the reference number of the purchase”

    So go to the following page and enter your reference number…


    Tim Neale

    My ticket came through from Travel Republic this morning. Now I just need to learn enough Spanish to work out where I’m sitting.


    Chris Mottram

    my tickets arrived from BookF1 this morning. Not long to go now

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