Going to the Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

How to get to Circuit de Catalunya

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    Personally I will be buying a T10 for zones 1 and 2 and getting the train from Passeig de Gracia to Montmelo. There are trains running every 20 minutes and you don’t have to rush to get the bus back after your day at the circuit as there are trains running quite late, whereas the bus doesn’t. Then there is getting from Montmelo to the circuit. Well, there is the walk, which should go relatively quickly as loads of people will be doing it, the free shuttle bus or a taxi, which in testing day didn’t cost much at all. Of course that depends if there is enough taxis around! Can anyone who has been before tell me how long the queues were for the free shuttle bus?

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    I did the walk after testing (there were no buses), it’s fairly simple, about 30 minutes from gate to platform. There are signs along the way.

    Unless they have put more trains on, the trains are only every 30 minutes so it’s worth learning timetable to avoid a long wait.

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    I was rather disappointed by the train – I had read here and on other sites that the train was cheap, frequent and easy – that’s true but Montmelo station is a long walk from the circuit especially if you are at the far end of the circuit like we were.

    The train cost €2.20 each way (I think) – on most days it runs every 30 minutes but on Sunday there were more frequent trains – every 10-15 mins. It runs from Barcelona Sants station, stopping at a few other stations in the city before heading for Montmelo.

    That’s the good news.

    The bad news:

    1. Montmelo is a LONG WAY from the circuit. At least 30 mins walk. It took us nearly 60 mins at a brisk pace to get to the further North end of the circuit. Not pleasant if it is hot. There is a shuttle bus but there were big queues.

    2. When leaving the circuit on Sunday – every leaves at the same time. We stopped for 45 mins for a drink hoping to let the rush die down before heading for the station. But we were wrong – we got to the station and found a huge crush of people funnelling into the station – we were jammed into a small space inching forward for over an hour before we got onto a train back to Barcelona. And obviously the train was packed with standing room only.
    This wasn’t pleasant.

    3. When you added the time to get to Sants station, the time queueing for a ticket, waiting for a train, the train journey and the walk to our stand – it was over 2.5 hours hotel-to-grandstand. Way too long.

    I’m not sure what else to suggest if you’re staying in central Barcelona. I was with 3 other people so on Saturday, having realized how bad the train was likely to be, we flagged down a taxi in Montmelo and took a taxi back to central Barcelona for €70 between the four of us.

    Compared with 2.5 hours it took us less than an hour to get back to our hotel on Saturday.

    On Sunday morning we decided not to bother with the train and got a taxi directly from our hotel – it was €65 between four of us and took around an hour. The taxi was able to drop us at the circuit gate nearest our grandstand so just another 5 mins into our seats.

    We were stuck though wondering how to get back on Sunday. We didn’t think we’d be able to successfully book and meet a taxi (we were probably wrong about that) and the police seemed to have Montmelo locked down so that taxis could not pick up. So we decided to stick with plan A – the train – which turned out to be dreadful.

    With hindsight I think we’d have been better to use a bus transfer service, or hire a car and drive to/from the circuit – or make an arrangement with a taxi.

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    The bus service was phenomenal. It was a short walk and quick moving line after the race on Sunday.

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    I’m trying to book bus tickets on the Segales website, but it’s prompting me for a “document ID” – any clue as to what this is?

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    @matt-d I’ve booked bus tickets last year and for this year. You don’t need to put anything in the document ID box, a 0 will do. Not 100% sure what it’s for but I think it’s only for Spanish people. I rang the bus company last year to ask and they just said don’t worry.
    See you on the bus.

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    Cheers Mick, now booked!

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