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GP2 2014 teams and drivers

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    Bradley Downton


    I don’t think anyone can disagree that was Vandoorne’s for the taking. He really threw that one away, huge shame, would’ve really helped GP2’s reputation for a rookie to come in and steal pole in his first race.

    Anyway, solid effort from Palmer there. Shame about Rossi, seemed he just couldn’t hook it up and made some mistakes and Lancaster too, getting caught up in traffic.

    Not sure what Nasr was playing at towards the end, Cecotto-ing Cecotto. I’d definitely expect some sort of penalty there.


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    Force Maikel


    Yeah Agreed without that mistake the McLaren rookie would certainly have taken pole, still +0.030 of Palmers time and P2 is far from bad in your first outing.

    Time to put that long run pace to work tomorrow.

    At least proud to be Flemish today!


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    It was a great jump for Markelov to be in GP2 but he is the son of the owner. Russian Time won’t win the championship with only one driver. Lets see what Vandoorne can show us tomorrow against all the experienced drivers, especially against Nasr.


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    Looks like it will be an exciting start to the year for the World Endurance Championship feeder series!

    On a serious note, it is looking pretty good. Using both tyre compounds per feature race can only be a good thing, no more silly strategies where teams completely disregard the sprint race. Also, Vandoorne isn’t demolishing the competition as much as some might have expected, which I think is a positive. He’s undoubtedly the most exciting driver to arrive in GP2 since Nico Hulkenberg, and if all the GP2 ‘regulars’ can give him a fight for the championship, it will at least reaffirm the reputation of GP2 as a Formula 1 feeder series.


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    I have to say I’m a little disappointed by Marciello, especially after all the talk of him having trouble driving the Formula Abarth car in the Florida Winter Series due to it being low on power.

    That being said, impressive stuff from Vandoorne.


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    Keith Collantine


    First race thread of the year, we’ll be running F1 Fanatic Live too:

    2014 GP2 Bahrain


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    Iestyn Davies


    Well I guess Markelov will get a few bites of the cherry then at the very least!

    Marciello I think will come up to speed in the next few races and be in contention for that top 8.


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    Iestyn Davies


    Nice to have F1Fanatic Live for GP2, Keith.

    As to the teams, it looks like we have so far:
    4 faster teams: DAMS, Carlin, ART, Rapax
    4 middle teams: Racing Engineering, Campos, Arden, Russian Time
    5 slower teams: Caterham, Hilmer, MP, Lazarus and Trident


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    Iestyn Davies


    Confirmed for the rest of the season are:

    Daly at Lazarus
    Ellinas for Lancaster at MP
    Canamasas for Jefferies at Trident (paired with Johnny Cecotto Jr..)


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    correction, only daly is confirmed for the whole season. the other two are just confirmed for barcelona.

    also, tom dillman will take over for negrao at this weekend. negrao has a back injury and is still recovering at the moment. he will most likely return to his seat at arden international after he’s recovered.


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    Cecotto and Canamasas?! Be very afraid… I hope they have plenty of spares.


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    Iestyn Davies


    Good to hear of Dillmann getting a ride while Negrao recovers. I must not have been reading properly for the info above that, heh.


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    R.J. O’Connell


    Daly being secured full-time is good, let’s just hope Lazarus can give him competitive setups. Starting 26th tomorrow won’t help.

    Canamasas for Jeffries was kind of a break-even deal, Jeffries didn’t impress a whole lot in Bahrain and you know what you’re getting with Canamasas, who is basically Johnny Cecotto Jr. except older and slower.

    Good to see Dillmann get another shot and Ellinas should have been in GP2 at Bahrain to begin with. Hate it for Jon Lancaster that his open-wheel career is effectively done.


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    Looks like GP2 is set for another fourth-season champion :p


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    Iestyn Davies


    And it remains to be seen if anyone in F1 will pick up Palmer. He has his dad pushing him forwards however. Perhaps another reserve driver role?

    Looks like Daly is bulkier from driving the indycar and this doesn’t help when they have lowered the GP2 weight limit by 2kg, which is somewhat odd given it’s a spec series continuing with the same car as last year…

    Lancaster has had it tough but has given it a good crack of the whip, getting some good results with Hilmer. Now they are last in the table, with Regalia taking out Abt (team-mate) and Marciello in race one.. Lets see what Lancaster can get together from here, and if Ellinas can get more drives at Marussia/Manor, unless someone gives them a million reasons to not continue running their reserve/young driver. He was instantly on the pace, but the sprint race shows he needs some time to learn racing the GP2 cars, and can then get some great results.

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