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    Gabriel Fernando

    For you who is the “rookie of the year” at GP2?





    Gabriel Fernando

    I support Nasr, but he has to go to another team, Dams have 2 sides: good one (the guys who work to valsecchi) and the bad one ( the guys who work to Nasr).
    Nasr’s engineer is rookie at GP2 and the other is rookie on the automobilism.



    Calado for me as well. He’s been very fast and, as Will Buxton says, he made Esteban Gutierrez made ordinary, which is no mean feat. For me he’s definitely the man to beat for 2013 if he stays where he is.

    Nasr has been impressive as well at times. I don’t think he needs to change teams if Valsecchi leaves. I think Nasr will be very strong next year with the experience he now has.

    Dillmann was very impressive when he raced, and I really hope he gets a seat for the whole of 2013. Haryanto and Melker have been very good also, and it’s up to them to impress next year.


    Felipe Bomeny

    I completely agree with @engima; while Nasr has been very impressive, Calado has been spectacular. Gutierrez was tipped as the championship favourite and I recall a lot of people being frustrated with ART’s signing of Calado (having expected Bottas to partner Gutierrez), but Calado’s been super quick and has been regularly dicing with the veterans, who’ve developed into stronger racing drivers. I hope Dillmann gets a proper shot a championship nexty year; the Rapax team was super unprofessional (Really, de Jong?? Teixeira???!) and he could do much better with a different team.



    James Calado for sure: he has been superb this year. Seven podiums, of which two wins (the first in just his second race), and he is very closed to his experienced team-mate and F1 test driver Esteban Gutierrez.

    Felipe Nasr has had some good results from time to time, but he also made some quite silly mistakes this year. Dillmann, Berthon and Melker have been impressive from time to time as well.


    Gabriel Fernando

    Yeah, next year GP2 will be awesome: Nasr,Calado,Gutierrez,Van der Garde,Fillipi, and the rookies that can impress.


    Gabriel Fernando

    But, as a Nasr fan, I think that he was the best rookie, why?
    Because Calado came from GP3, he already knows the tracks of Gp2, the car looks like Gp2 car.



    Calado for me as well. While Nasr, the second-best in my opinion, was good but inconsistent at times, making it clear he was a rookie – he was fast at times but when experience came in handy he struggled a little – Calado behaved and drove like he knew, if not everything, most things already. His wins and several podiums were an amazing result for a rookie and he kept matching or beating Gutierrez, which I rate highly, often. A few times he had a bad weekend following a bad qualifying, like now in Singapore. Despite this, he drove very well.


    Keith Collantine

    I think you have to give it to Calado by some way. Had it not been for some bad luck (Valencia, Silverstone) and at least one dubious grid penalty (Hungary) he’d’ve been in the thick of the championship battle. His defensive driving was especially impressive and he made Gutierrez look like the rookie in that team. And I was really expecting Gutierrez to do well after last year.

    Nasr deserves a mention too, he showed up very well against a much more experienced team mate.

    @gabrielfernando Filippi made his GP2 debut in 2006, surely he’s not going to appear in an eighth season?

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