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Which of the 2011 GP2 drivers should be in F1 in 2012 – or later?

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    Joel Holland

    @raymondu999, last year Aleshin (a former Red Bull driver) took the 3.5 title from Ricciardo (we all know who pays his salary) with a pass on the last lap (I think). Also Wickens still has Red Bull logos on his helmet. What’s that about? He must still have some small link.

    Anyway, sorry to go off-topic (where’s the 3.5 forum?!).


    Felipe Bomeny

    Leimer- hasn’t impressed; is a candidate for an HRT seat in 2012 due to his money. Does he deserve that seat IMO? No.

    Leal- has money, lots of it; doesn’t deserve F1 OR GP2.

    Razia- too average, doesn’t deserve anything yet.

    Valsecchi- slightly better than Razia. Some impressive performances, but hasn’t done enough in his long stint in GP2.

    Gutierrez- showed promise and speed in ’11; needs consistency if he wants a 2013 Sauber

    Bianchi- The only way for him to get an F1 seat is to win the GP2 crown; that’s how much hype he recieves.

    Filippi- Yes; one may argue that he’s been at it too long, but the second half of his season was more brilliant than Grosjean’s whole season.

    Rigon- I have yet to see.

    Ceccon- Far too young. He will be on the GP2 grid next year for sure, but AutoGP is a completely different ballgame than GP2.

    Pic- has the money and the talent to make it to F1. Give him one more year.

    Van Der Garde- makes up for blistering speed with consistency and McGregor cash. Candidate for Williams and Virgin drives. I do not believe he deserves a seat based on talent, though.

    Gonzalez- “AW HELL NAW”.

    Ceccotto, Jr.- No, no, no, no, no.

    Fauzy- No. Can’t even pronounce his name.

    Herck- “N” to the “O”.

    Chilton- Unimpressive.

    Parente- has had mixed results, but I think he is F1 material.

    Bird- Over-hyped. Doesn’t deserve anything as of yet, but he is a pretty good driver.

    Ericsson- Improving; I’m interested to see how he will fare in GP2 next year.

    Vietoris- Top driver; I’d like to see him at Force India in 2013. Could’ve have been higher up the standings had he not missed two GP meetings.

    Clos- been in the sport too long; really good, but not great.

    Carroll- too old for F1, but he shows promise.

    Mirocha- who? No.

    Aleshin- Hasn’t impressed in GP2.

    As for the drivers I expect to see on the GP2 grid next year, they are: Müller, Haryanto, Bottas, Calado, Korjus, Afansyiev, Felix da Costa, Merhi, Melker, Vergne/Wickens (depends on the FR 3.5 outcome), and Rossi. I would like to see Felipe Nasr on the grid but a lack of sponsors means that he will probably end up in the cheaper FR3.5.


    Joel Holland

    I think Korjus will stay in 3.5. Tech1 are an excellent team and he’d have a great shot at the title. Bare in mind he’s 18 (insane) so even with a second year there he’d only be 20 going in to GP2 in 2013.



    @Joel Holland, the Aleshin comment is a bit incorrect. He passed Ricciardo with about 10 laps to go, when Dan had oil leaking directly onto his rear tyres. In 2010, Aleshin was probably the 3rd most-deserving driver of the 3.5 title. Guerrieri > Ricciardo > Aleshin. Esteban was just the fastest virtually every time he sat in the car. If he wasn’t, then Ricciardo was the fastest. Aleshin capitalised each time either one of them made a mistake or the teams made a mistake (pit lane issues, putting the tyres on the car too close to the race start, causing Ricciardo – and others – to get penalties etc).



    Gutierrez looks to me to be the best potential. Since i saw him at Silverstone last year in GP3 i’ve thought one day he’ll be a star in F1 hopefully next year he’ll come through stronger.

    Thought Bianchi would have done more by now not sure if he’ll ever be good enough

    Roman deserves another shot but dont think it will be there next year.


    Joel Holland

    @toby Okay cool, wasn’t 100% on when Aleshin passed Ricciardo. Just enjoyed the irony of a dropped RB junior passing their latest great hope.

    Totally agree with that assessment though, Guerrieri was the fastest man last year followed by Ricciardo. Aleshin limped to it. Esteban is real talent, F1’s loss. The fact that he couldn’t get a GP2 seat (because he couldn’t afford it) tells you there’s something wrong with the series. That and the fact that Ricardo Texeira was ever allowed to sit in a car.



    I think the two drivers who have a good shot of getting a FT ride next year are Grosjean and Robert Wickens from FR3.5. He’s been testing with Virgin and has money so we’ll have to see.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Wickens doesn’t have money. That’s why he went into Formula Renault instead of GP2 this year – GP2 was too expensive.



    I actually have heard that Charles Pic will be in alongside Glock next year; but Jerome will actually still have a seat, replacing Jarno at Lotus/Caterham


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Well, there is a theory that Trulli can be bought out of his contract. Apparently Fernandes signed him up for two years at the start of 2011, spreading Trulli’s salary over two years because they weren’t sure they could afford him and effectively said “We can’t pay what you want over one year, but if you agree to take it over two, we can guarantee you a seat in 2012”, and Trulli has been in the sport so long that the money doesn’t matter to him. If so, anyone who wants that seat could buy Trulli out of it for the price of half his salary (since half has already been paid).

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