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GT1 to be live streamed on YouTube


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    Keith Collantine

    Good news for GT1 fans: This year’s races will continue to be streamed live, and now they’ll be on YouTube. Commentary from Jack Nicholls (Ben Edwards having gone to the BBC) and John Watson.

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    Where exactly do we go to watch said streaming? (other than going to, obviously!)

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    Adam Tate

    That is fantastic!

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    Oh excellent news. Any idea of its still going to be on Bloomberg too? I see they have the Bloomberg logo at the bottom of their website, so I’m assuming so, although their broadcast rate was a bit hit and miss last season. They didn’t show the season finale, for instance.

    Still a shame that there’s no British round this season. It was a great day out the past two years. I guess two rounds in China – one being seemingly run round a kart track on an industrial estate – is fully justifiable. Yeah.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    @raymondu999 – The GT1 World website has been given an overhaul, and there is a link to the series’ YouTube channel embedded in the layout.

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    I’ll try tune in. I want to like this series but I struggle to really get into it.

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    does anybody know if the practice sessions will be streamed on youtube or is it just the race they are showing

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    Keith Collantine

    The first Championship race of the year is about to start at Nogaro, you can watch it here:

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    Thanks, Keith.

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    Brilliant battle for… I can’t remember the position, 5th, or something? in the dying laps. 5 cars battling for position, 3-abreast down the back straight at one point. Brilliant.

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