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GT1 to visit Korea and Slovakiaring

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    As Polishboy said, the corners are absolutely not identical. This isn’t even an opinion thing, man, you’re just spouting factually wrong information. If you want, I’ll take you through a track guide because I’ll be damned if each one of those corners don’t have a different radius, camber and elevation change.

    Is it difficult to pass? Yes. But it also produces LOTS of mistakes due to the physically demanding nature and challenge of many of the corners. For that, the racing is rarely boring.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I still find it very boring. I rate Barber, Infineon, Elkhart Lake, Road Atlanta, Miller, Sebring, Mid-Ohio and Watkins Glen all higher than I do Laguna Seca. And that’s just the permanent road courses. I’d much prefer to see GT1 race at any (or all) of those cricuits before they raced at Laguna.



    INFINEON??? Are you serious? That is not only the most boring roadcourse in the US, its the most boring roadcourse in the world! Talk about boring, there is NO passing there, and the only unique thing about it is the elevation.

    And while I don’t rate Road Atlanta, America or Mid-Ohio or Barber above Laguna Seca, I do rate Sebring higher, but I’m from South Florida so I’m a bit biased….


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Hey, it’s just a matter of opinion. I, personally, find Laguna Seca to be very boring – just as you find Infineon boring.



    @polishboy808 Everything you said about Sears Point can also be applied to Laguna Seca. No passing and the only unique thing is the elevation. Doesn’t mean it’s not a cool track.

    Virginia is another great track in the US. They do have many.



    @necrodethmortem that Virginia track is epic. The ALMS are racing there this year and I think it’s going to be amazing.

    And as for American tracks the GT1’s should race on…. Lime Rock Park. A short, quick circuit with lots of elevation changes, few corners, and plenty of places to make mistakes as well as prove you’re the best driver there is.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Well, this series has become a joke. After very nearly not starting at all, the original ten-round calendar has been cut back to seven races with the removal of the Korean, Beijing and Ordos rounds. The organisers are apparently planning to replace the two races in China with events in Europe, but they tried the same thing when Korea was removed from the schedule and failed. Meanwhile, five rounds in and Sunred have not yet entered their second car (which was supposed to be ready for the first race at Nogaro), and they only seem to be able to get fourteen cars – when they are supposed to have eighteen (and were originally aiming for at least twenty) – to race at any one time; in addition to one Sunred Ford GT not racing at Algarve this weekend, Valmon Russia and one of the Exim 911s have not entered. And none of these cars are actually pure GT1 cars, but GT3 cars re-tuned to GT1 performance levels after the whole “GT World” concept failed (which arguably set this entire farce in motion). And to cap it all off, I’ve heard talk that the FIA is on the verge of revoking the series “World Championship” status – if they haven’t done so already.

    What, exactly, is Stéphane Ratel doing?


    Yaya Ishaq

    I agree with you PM with regards to the new “GT1” cars. I really miss the old R-SV’s, DBR9’s and MC12’s. Why did they make such an overhaul?



    I missed GT1 from le mans too. Having just one GT class seems sad.


    Prisoner Monkeys


    I really miss the old R-SV’s, DBR9′s and MC12′s. Why did they make such an overhaul?

    The original plan was for a “GT World Series”, which was very ambitious. The idea was that manuacturers would back a team to enter a single car, with as many as twenty cars (or more) on the grid. In order to do this, the regulations were opened up to allow both GT1 and GT3 cars to enter, and they would be re-tuned to an equal level somewhere between the two categories. But the organisers failed to get new teams interested – mostly because of a lack of a calendar – and several existing teams like Marc VDS and Belgian Racing withdrew. It was only due to an eleventh-hour deal that got four teams into the category (about a month before the first race) that the season could start.

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