Dario Franchitti ends racing career on medical grounds

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    Not surprised by this announcement, but very disappointed nonetheless. I wish he’d had the chance of a swansong season.

    I started to watch him in F3 when Magnussen Sr. was crushing it, and I got to cheer him on at countless CART/Indy races over the past sixteen (!) years.

    So thankful he’s still with us after Houston, but this is the end of a motorsport era for me, really. :(


    Keith Collantine

    Great video tribute to Franchitti from his IndyCar rivals:



    Awesome video, a fantastic tribute to a great champion.



    Dario will in my opinion go down as the most underrated British champion ever! 4 Indycar title and 3 Indy 500 wins in my opinion only Mansell in my lifetime (25) years can even touch the legacy Dario left behind. So…the 2nd greatest Brit not to be crowned World Champion might be…….



    Stunning interview about the after-effects of the accident:

    Brings home what a big one it was, and makes me wonder how many drivers have stubbornly raced on with injuries, when they really should have stopped.



    Agreed, very good interview.



    I notice he mentioned the result of the motorcycle accident. Michael Andretti actually banned him from racing bikes after he found out about Dario’s back injury in 2003.

    Link to the press conference video here and some additional comments:

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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