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IndyCar to test Indianapolis road course ahead of possible race

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    Keith Collantine

    IndyCar is considering racing on the Indianapolis road course next year in addition to the traditional Indy 500 on the oval:

    IMS president Doug Boles said the car — and maybe a second car — will travel in the same counter-clockwise configuration being used this weekend by Moto GP and also try the clockwise direction used by Formula One from 2000-2007.

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    Good news.

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    That’ll be a weird event if it ever happens – but an interesting idea for a double header if it’s possible to run both directions in the same weekend.

    Both directions at once would be even more interesting.

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    For me, Indycar would be even better with a round on the Indy road course and a round at the Austin track, along with Watkins Glen. That would be fantastic!

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    R.J. O’Connell

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

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    @rjoconnell – Exactly. IndyCar is running the Indy500 event for last 102 years, and that is what IMS is known for. There are at-least 10 road courses in US IndyCar should try before using the IMS-infield track for a race event.

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    I’m sorry but that is in one of my forums terms ROTR right there

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    Keith Collantine

    IndyCar have confirmed a test will take place tomorrow:

    The Indianapolis Motor Speedway will host a road course test on Wednesday, September 4, 2013. Graham Rahal of Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing will be testing on several configurations of the IMS road course, including utilizing Turn 1 of the oval and the existing Turn 1 of the road course. This will mark only the second time an Indy car has taken laps around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course for testing.

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    Great news. Now they just need to race on it.

    America have Indy Road Course, Circuit of the Americas, Road America, Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca… but no, they decide to race on ridiculous “race tracks” like Baltimore and then wonder why it’s complete carnage every time.

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    The 2007 Champ Car race at Mont Tremblant is one of my favourite single seater races of all time so I would live Indy Car to return there.

    I do not think either series ever raced at Road Atlanta but I have heard about some great races there too.

    I think every series should aspire to race on the best circuits available. However as modern F1 is proving the best facility circuits do not mean the best racing circuits.

    For the Americas number one open wheel series to not race at Austin (it’s best facility) does seem quite odd but who knows what the F1 contract is.

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    I’d love to see IndyCar race on an F1 circuit so we could make a reasonable comparison between the series, and although the Indy RC is no longer an F1 track, it’s probably as good as we’ll ever get.

    It’s almost as if IndyCar is resisting using an F1 circuit. There seems to be no interest in a race at COTA or Montreal, and for some stupid reason they chose to create another street circuit in Sao Paulo as opposed to using one of the world’s greatest race circuits situated in the same city. Is there a specific reason why IndyCar doesn’t race on F1 circuits? Having watched several NBC broadcasts, they do seem to like to create the illusion that IndyCars are the fastest cars in the world – are they afraid of being shown up by the obviously quicker F1 cars?

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    @jackysteeg I’m afraid (but I don’t know anything) that Bernie has signed a contract with Indycar, or the circuits’ owners, for Indycars not to race in the same circuits as F1, because he is afraid that Indycar will prove to be faster, or have a better race than F1. Note that comparisons are way easier to make in same circuits.

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    Interesting point. I don’t think there’s any worry that the IndyCars will be quicker on a road course than an F1 car, but yeah, an IndyCar race could definitely match or beat an F1 race for entertainment value (particularly as F1 is considerably more expensive). A shame if that is the case, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some sort of agreement like that.

    Although I do remember Champ Car racing on the Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve shortly before the series merged with Indy…

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    Another video, this time an onboard:

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