It’s another Lotus motor sport team…

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    Keith Collantine

    Dreyer and Reinbold Racing are now officially known as Lotus DRR:

    At the end of 2011, Lotus DRR (formerly known as Dreyer & Reinbold Racing) and Group Lotus PLC announced that the team would serve as a Lotus factory partner. As a result, the team has taken on a complete rebranding effort and have re-launched a new and improved website.

    As Lotus DRR enters its 13th season of full-time competition in 2012, making it one of the longest-tenured teams in IZOD IndyCar Series competition, the team has retired its royal blue and gray team colors. During the off-season, the team underwent a significant rebranding effort that represents the cache professionalism and heritage of the Lotus brand. The team now sports the historic Lotus black and gold livery which is now prominently displayed on the team’s website along with the new Lotus DRR team logo.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s great to see the Lotus name in so many disciplines but the sheer speed at which they’ve expanded has the feel of a bubble that’s eventually going to burst.


    Stephen Jones

    oh god, they’re everywhere. F1, GP2, GP3, Indy, Karts.. wow



    I wouldn’t mind, but the black and gold that they do looks wrong, it should be pure glossy black with a deep gold pinstriping, not massive creamy coloured stripes everywhere


    Prisoner Monkeys

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Lotus’ long-term goals involved global domination.

    But they’re in the wrong industry for that.



    It’s nice to see, the the real issue is still that not a single bit of it, apart from the money that paid for the black and “gold” paint, is Lotus. All the cars are made by someone else, all the engines are made by someone else.

    I’d be surprised if Lotus didn’t comission someone to make their 2013 Indy Aero Kit for them.


    Joel Holland

    @ajokay I would imagine they’ll have to outsource it. Do they have the facilities to do it themselves?

    The Lotus thing is a joke really. Lotus-badged Judd engines? Team Lotus built cars, not engines. It’s like resurrecting Tyrrell and badging engines with their name. I like Oriol Servia a lot; I also like Dreyer & Reinbold. I couldn’t give a monkeys that their car is painted like a pack of fags and that the name of a defunct F1 manufacturer has made its way into their team name.

    The world is running out of imagination.



    They are really working hard to brand their image. Seems almost like Red Bull all over again. Except that Red Bull sell liquid sugar in blue cans and Lotus sells plastic cars.
    But they are soon sponsoring everything in every single motorsport category.
    So what do they when they run out of cars to paint black and gold?
    Maybe Obama would let them paint Manhattan all black and gold for bag of gold to get rid of some of their debt.
    Seriously, where do Lotus get that sort of money from? They surely can’t have had that much laying around in the bank.
    Do they just put themselves with a huge minus on the account and then hope that the publicity will help the sales of their new cars whenever they come out.

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