Lotus teams confirmed

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    Joel Holland

    HVM and Bryan Herta are being announced as the Lotus flagship teams today. Presumably there will be some level of cooperation as both will gain. HVM will continue to run Simona and it looks as though Tagliani has the BHA drive. She could benefit a lot from his experience, particularly on ovals. Now all they need is an engine to do some actual testing!


    Keith Collantine

    Well that’s something at least. But as you say the question here is when this engine is finally going to materialise.


    Adam Tate

    Read an article earlier, autosport I think, where they said the Lotus engine was 45 lbs. lighter than the opposition’s. And they were already in the process of fitting one into a new dallara. While I still think Honda and Chevrolet will lead the way, Lotus/Judd may have something good after all.



    From what I’ve seen the Lotus Judd engine is 100% lighter than the other two at the moment. Hopefully they find one to stick in the back of those cars by the time next season starts. Although I don’t think I’d like to race a car with a Judd engine… they never exactly got a reputation for being either reliable or fast during their time in F1, did they?

    Hoping for better from Simona next season. She had some great drives earlier this season but tailed off somewhat towards the end. With Danica now gone, she’ll be the top female driver in the series too.



    I only saw the announcement from the IndyCar webstite today.
    Nice talk in the linked video of it

    Also a link to from speed tv about the Lotus engine being about 20ks below minimum weight, so they can use ballast to give it low center of gravity –

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