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Rubens Barrichello a rookie?

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    aka Robyn presented this in another topic, but I’m curious what the Fanatics think. Should Rubens be considered an IndyCar rookie with 19 years of F1 experience?

    I think he’s feeling some serious pressure to perform.

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    Very different tyres; very different steering; very different suspension geometry; very different aero; very diff… need I go on?

    Avatar of Don

    Did Bourdais ever get any additional practice time when he went to F1 from Champ Car? He was an F1 rookie even though he was a multiple champion. He was dealing with very different steering, aero…

    A couple of the biggest changes he has to get used to is no power steering (strengthen your upper body Ruby) and leaving the pits on cold tires, which can be diabolical. He will also have a real eye opener at the average speed at Indy, and heading into the turns at 240 mph. Quite the oval to start out at.

    Avatar of George

    It’s his first year in the series, that means he’s a rookie. It’s pretty cut and dried I think.

    Avatar of Joel Holland
    Joel Holland

    He can’t win rookie of the year – only Newgarden, Filippi (when he gets going), Pagenaud and Legge (the latter two of whom actually have American open-wheel experience) are entered for it. So by the letter of the law no, he’s not a rookie.

    He will be eligible for rookie of the year at Indy, however, which is fair enough being as he’s never raced on an oval before.

    Avatar of Damon

    It’s his FIRST season in IndyCar = definition of rookie.

    Being old and having experience in other racing series has nothing to do with it. All drivers who come to IndyCar, or F1 for that matter, often have as much as two decades of racing experience (e.g. having started karting at the age of 5-10, then onto all sorts of junior formulas, sports car series etc. until coming to IndyCar/F1 at the age of 25 ).

    Avatar of Damon

    By the way:
    Who was the IndyCar rookie of the year 1993?
    It was none other than Nigel Mansell, then currently reigning F1 World Champion.

    Avatar of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    Should Rubens be considered an IndyCar rookie with 19 years of F1 experience?

    Yes. Any driver competing in his or her first season of Indycar is considered to be a rookie.

    Avatar of Don

    Do they give any concessions to F1 rookies, such as additional track time etc? I don’t think they even have a rookie designation do they?

    I think classifying Nigel as a rookie back in ’93 was kind of a stretch also, but he proved how truly great he was becoming F1 champion, then IndyCar champion the very next year on all new tracks and running ovals for the first time.

    I wonder if Rubens (still easily one of the worlds best drivers) remains mired in the teens for qualifying, and is consistently out qualified by his team mates? As I’ve said before, Rubens is quickly finding out that the IndyCar grid has many world class drivers who could easily be in F1.

    I’d hate to see him end his career without the proper farewell he should have had in F1, then regularly being trounced in IndyCar.

    Avatar of Joel Holland
    Joel Holland

    I think part of the consideration was that Rubens doesn’t NEED to win rookie of the year, he’s a big enough name anyway. If Newgarden or Pagenaud wins it – and one of them will – it’s a big boon to their career and helps them attract sponsors, thus helping to keep talented drivers in the series. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

    It’s fair to consider him a rookie, but the series doesn’t class him as one. There’s no debating that.

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    I read today that Barrichello has been granted *partial* rookie status:

    IndyCar said Monday that Barrichello will receive an extra set of tires and be allowed to practice in Group 1 of the first session along with other rookie drivers at road/street courses where he hasn’t tested. He will get the extra tires and track time at all ovals.

    ( )

    Avatar of Keith Collantine

    @aka_robyn A sensible move I reckon.

    Avatar of craig-o

    I thought rookies get (R) beside their name on the ticker at the top of the screen during races. I haven’t seen it, so does this mean he’s not a rookie? There is no reason why he shouldn’t be…

    Americans have to make thing’s far too complicated, ey? ;)

    Avatar of Jarred Walmsley
    Jarred Walmsley

    @craig-o up until this point he wasn’t considered a rookie, so he didn’t have the (R) and even now he’s still not eligible for the rookie of the year competition

    Avatar of Joel Holland
    Joel Holland

    From what Pagenaud has shown thus far I reckon Rubens would have a job winning rookie of the year if he was eligible.

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