Simona de Silvestro joins KV Racing

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    Carrick Stonehouse

    After being confirmed at HVM earlier in the year, She now seems to be racing for KV after a test at Barber. What do you think?

    Is her plan of podiums and wins possible? Will she be back on form like St Pete and Brazil 2011?


    Keith Collantine

    Apparently HVM and KV are going to be teaming up for next year. There have been rumours that KV’s line up from this year will be trimmed to just Kanaan with Barrichello joining a Honda-backed team.



    If it’s true, that’s excellent news for her. She’s a talented driver, she has shown great performances in 2011 but that 2012 Lotus-powered-piece-of-**** didn’t allowed us to see the best of her. I really hope she can win races next year.


    Carrick Stonehouse

    @carlitox It is true.



    I saw a tweet from Alice Powell this morning confirming the news that Simona will be driving with KV next year (adding we now need to find Pippa Mann a seat for the next season too) :

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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