Sonoma testing video

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    Simon Pagenaud hustles a 750hp Indycar on cold tyres:

    Other misc. footage:


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    Force Maikel


    I have to say those onboard look really great. The angle is not 100% perfect yet but it is as close as you can get a camera to the driver viewpoint without blocking the actual view for the driver.


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    Keith Collantine


    What kind of camera has been used for that first video? I’m guessing it’s mounted to his helmet but has some kind of gyroscopic stabiliser like the ones they’ve used in Moto GP?


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    Force Maikel


    @keithcollantine, early in the video he walks past a mirror, you can see the camera on his helmet but I’m not sure what kind is, it doesn’t look like any go pro models I’m familiar with.


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    Loved it :). Could watch this video all day long. More of this please IndyCar!


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    Iestyn Davies


    Yes.. great find @jb001! That’s possibly the best view I’ve seen of a driver POV in action (where the driver can also drive at full chat, with his view uninhibited. I’ve driven the iRacing Indycar (the old one), but this really gives an impression of how the power comes in and has some oomph behind it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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