Who will win the 2011 championship?


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    Power was showing some pretty good pace last weekend but the Chips were dawdling in the pack as part of their strategy, so it would have been a real close fight at the front. So who’s going to take the title in Las Vegas?



    I think Power still has a really good chance at the title. And nothing to lose, we might be in for a nice show!



    Power has nothing to lose but Franchitti depends on himself, which is as advantageous as unadvantageous. Still, Power is my bet.


    Keith Collantine

    Power has been really good in recent races and probably would have won in Kentucky but for his dreadful fortune. He seems to have made progress on ovals.

    But would I bet against Franchitti finishing in the top four in Las Vegas (which I think is what he needs to do)? Nope. Franchitti will do it.



    Franchitti leads by 18 points and the final round isn’t a road course. Dario for the win.



    Definitely Franchitti, Power has just had rotten luck even if he is getting better at ovals.

    Franchitti has a team mate (Dixon) in a position to help him win as well, where as Castroneves and Briscoe are both struggling.


    Stephen Jones

    I’d love for Power to win, but Franchitti has just been too consistent..


    Joel Holland

    Power to win the race but not the title. He did have awesome pace in Kentucky and has nothing to lose so should just blaze it, but wily old Dario will be where he needs to at the flag.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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