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    Sad that Spies is retiring indeed. But his 2012 campaign on the factory Yamaha was pretty much a disaster and he has barely raced this year…

    Good news though, we already know Suzuki’s returning to MotoGP in 2015 and now Aprilia is making their comeback in 2016. That’s back to 5 factory teams; Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Aprilia. Fantastic news, bring on the competition!



    I wonder if he might have some problems in his life outside of racing maybe? Why not just take a year off and get fully fit then try to come back? Retire??



    Some injuries don’t ever completely heal, particularly if you’ve had multiple bumps to the same place.




    Yep, could be. I wonder in hindsight if he should have stayed in WSBK another year? It’s sad he’s out.



    To quote Lorenzo, the title isn’t his to win but Marquez’s to lose. He’ll have to finish at least 4th right? Unless he crashes there’sno way he’ll finish lower.



    Marquez took pole ahead of Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Rossi.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Exciting as it is, I think the series still has a lot to do. I’m hoping that they will be able to abandon CRT/Open class once Aprilla arrives.



    Lets do the permutations, shall we? Marquez leads the championship by 13 points from Lorenzo. Lorenzo will win the championship if:

    Lorenzo wins and Marquez finishes 5th or worse;
    Lorenzo finishes 2nd and Marquez finishes 9th or worse;
    Lorenzo finishes 3rd and Marquez finishes 13th or worse;
    Lorenzo finishes 4th and Marquez doesn’t score points.

    In all other cases (including Marquez finishing in the top 4) Marquez will be crowned champion. Realistically, Lorenzo can only win the championship if Marquez crashes.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Vinales wins the Moto3 title at the last corner.



    What a race, seriously, I can’t remeber the last time I sat up that much and shouted at the TV.


    Fer no.65

    First 6 laps in MotoGP…

    dear god !


    Fer no.65

    Again, MotoGP doing it right. The guy wins the championship, he goes mad, FIM shows a clip with Marquez, and the graphics: “2013 MotoGP Champion”.

    They don’t do that in F1…



    The opening 10 laps of that race was stunning! Why did Pedrosa not race like that all season!?

    Also thinking back to that controversial move Marquez pulled on Lorenzo all the way back in Jerez where he barged in the side of him to get past. Well that move has just won him the championship!! He comes 2nd instead of 3rd all the way back in Spain in round 3, getting 4 extra points, which is the margin he ends up winning the title by. If Lorenzo finished 2nd in that race he would have won the title because he had more race wins. Just goes to show how fine the margins can be at the very top. Stunning from Marquez, to be so mature as a rookie in the premier class. Yeah he’s had a bit of luck with having big crashes and escaping injury but he is just a joy to watch ride that motorbike. And as for Lorenzo, I honestly think he is up there as one of the true all time greats; the Honda has been a stronger package over the season and the way Lorenzo has ridden to take the fight to Marquez and Pedrosa has been nothing short of incredible.

    (Although of course Marquez had a bit of leeway as I’m sure Dani would have let him past if he needed to come 2nd to win the title.)



    Well that was good fun wasn’t it. Better than Ben-Hur, and even after it calmed down, I could watch slo-mos of Marquez all afternoon.

    Even Vettel didn’t think of the World Champion helmet…what a great show they put on there.

    Time for F1 to pull its finger out, steal a few ideas and put some life back into its post-race show. Starting with each driver choosing and keeping their own race number, from GP3 upwards. (If they’re not good enough, someone else can have their number)



    The first 10 laps were like Moto3 races! The rest was a bit of Formula 1, but it was an amazing championship, from start to finish, and with a deserved champion!

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