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Fantastic Moto GP battle on the final lap

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    Here is an extraordinary battle between Lorenzo and Pedrosa.


    Keith Collantine

    @sigman1998 Fantastic stuff – thanks for that, I’d heard about it on Twitter and hadn’t got around to looking for it. Great win for Pedrosa.



    Great climax for an otherwise terribly boring race.



    I was really happy Pedrosa won that battle as it’s better for the championship, and he deserved the race victory. Pedrosa has won two in a row now and with the full support of his team, I really think he can win the championship. I have been waiting years to see Pedrosa win the Moto GP title.



    For god’s sake. I watched all of the quali, build up to the race and all of the race until I fell asleep with 5 laps to go. So sickened I missed it live….


    Younger Hamii

    Two overtakes in one lap was part of an amazing end to a tantalizingly close two-horse battle, I honestly thought even when Lorenzo ran wide at the penultimate corner that he had enough to keep Pedrosa behind but I was proven wrong with Pedrosa’s great race craft, started from earlier on in the lap against a slightly more experienced Lorenzo (must be said). I think he has stepped up immensely as a title challenger since his win in Germany & with Stoner having some issues prior to suffering his injury at Indi, which has contributed to the fact that now Pedrosa has the full support of the Honda team, Lorenzo won’t have it as easy as I initially thought.

    Congrats to Crutchlow by the way with his desired first podium, track really suited his riding style, allowing him to extract the most of that Tech 3 from my perspective.



    Eurgh, removed due to copyright.



    Highlights of the race:



    Now that Stoner is out of the equation championship-wise, at least Pedrosa’s advantage is that Stoner will be back to finish his last season in MotoGP and will still be aiming for the top spots. That way he might take points off of Lorenzo, who’s stuck with Spies as a teammate, who’s in the middle of his worst season ever (can’t believe the amount of bad luck he’s got though). So yeah, it’ll be 2 Repsol Hondas vs 1 factory Yamaha.

    The amount of chatter that Pedrosa was clearly struggling with the last few laps was unbelievable though, what a fantastisc win!

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