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MotoGP to go to BT Sport in exclusive 2014 UK deal

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    Oli Peacock

    Just found this on and the nightmares of mid-2011 crop up….Please don’t go Pay to View, that would be a real kick in the teeth to a sport that hasn’t got a massive fanbase like Football, Rugby and now F1 which can just swing by on Sky F1 (for now)



    Ouch, now I know how F1 fans felt when it went to Sky.

    Slightly gutted :/



    Wow, very disappointing! Only got into MotoGP last season, so it’s frustrating to know that I won’t be able to watch it so soon after getting into it.





    R.J. O’Connell

    Stateside, I’m not sure how much longer SPEED will be the series’ broadcaster once they’re rebranded as Fox Sports One this year or next…



    Quite a strong package BT Sports are putting together. They have some top football league rights, now Moto GP, they probably need to get a tennis grand slam event and a golf major next if they really want to take on Sky Sports in the UK.



    The BT Sports package will be available free to anyone with a BT Broadband package and I’m sure that’s a lot of people so already this is a lot better than the Sky deal. At least another company is coming along and challenging Sky in the sports arena where they have been dominant for far too long.



    The fatal flaw of the MotoGP-BT deal is the lack of FTA as an option. F1 still shows all races on the BBC (albeit with only half shown live). MotoGP, it seems, will have no such option. And in a country where there’s already limited support for MotoGP, it makes it rather difficult to grow popularity for the sport.

    The “free” bit annoys a lot of people, as it’s only free if you’re on BT Broadband. And more than a few people are complaining on Twitter that the connection is expensive and unreliable…

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